4 Outdoor Smart Home Features Perfect for Spring

outdoor smart home featuresWith the summer months on the horizon, are you already thinking of entertaining family and friends outdoors? And if so, do your plans include updating your outdoor space with audio, lighting and even TVs to help keep any party, going? At Lifetronic Systems, our outdoor installation projects with smart home automation add value to your home or commercial property, as well as elevate your entertaining experience.

1. Outdoor Audio

Are you looking for landscape-friendly audio for your yard?

It’s nice to have high-quality sound inside your home, but you should be able to enjoy it outside, too! In our outdoor home installations, we meticulously wire audio systems to fit each customer’s particular outdoor space. Just think: you can enjoy impressive sound quality without unsightly wires and speakers. For these projects, all speakers and wires are concealed. Depending on the layout of your outdoor space, we’ll either bury speakers, hide them in landscaping or disguise them in nature. We only use the most reputable brands available, such as Coastal Source, to provide durable audio solutions that can be highly customized.

One of our favorite outdoor features is our underwater pool speakers that allow the music to flow while you swim. It’s a neat feature that creates a unique audio experience that’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

2. Landscape Lighting

Having proper landscape lighting creates a beautiful ambiance, and it also provides safety to you and your guests.

Depending on your landscape footprint, the team at Lifetronic Systems can create a custom lighting installation that showcases your home in the best ‘light’ possible. There are limitless options when it comes to landscape lighting. Visualize where your guests will sit, walk, and need light. You can choose from lip lights that shine from any rail or ledge of your home, wash lighting that allows you to illuminate both large and small spaces, path lights that brighten the walkway to your home and more. Most LED lights now come with a controller that lets you change the color with a push of a button. Lighting can be frequently changed depending on the look you’re going for.

Plus, use it as an opportunity to increase safety, and enhance the mood of your space.

3. Outdoor TVs

Whether a Yankees or Red Sox fan, no one likes to miss a game! Outdoor TVs not only allow you to stay tuned in, but they add an additional element of entertainment to your exterior space. When it comes to watching your TV with ease and battling the elements, we partner with companies (such as Séura) that create specially designed flat-screen TVs that are sheathed in waterproof cases. These cases are built to withstand temperatures from -30 degrees to over blistering 110-degrees, making them perfect for New England weather. Plus, outdoor TVs can come fitted with UV protective outdoor dust covers so grime and dust are never an issue. 

And no need to worry about the glare from outdoor TV screens. We use screens that are created to resist glare and provide a bright, vivid picture in any light. Hanging poolside by the cabana or under the gazebo on a starry night will never get old.

4. Complete Control

All of this technology is powered from a handheld remote, touchscreen or tablet, depending on what you prefer. This allows you to control all your settings from anywhere in the home (a feature homeowners really love!)

When combined with smart home automation, your outdoor space can be fully customized. Programming security lights, pool lights, outdoor speakers, etc. is a cinch.

Ready to Transform Your Outdoor Space?

When the weather starts warming, it’s time to head outdoors. Enjoy the season with your friends and family by adding these outdoor smart home features to your home. Lifetronic Systems specializes in creating beautiful, custom outdoor spaces for residential and commercial properties. If you’re ready to learn more, contact us today.