Ready for a Smart Home Upgrade? 5 Reasons to Consider a Structured Wiring System for Your Home

Structured wiring system for your homeIs your home ‘future proof’?

With more tech-savvy features and WiFi-enabled devices in the home, we’ve become more connected than ever before. In fact, in 2019 Deloitte found that U.S. households owned an average of 11 connected devices, including seven with screens to view content. And this number of connected devices is only expected to increase with the advent of 5G connectivity. Adding more WiFi-enabled and connected devices puts additional stress on your home networking system. A home network upgrade to a structured wiring system or “smart home retrofit” lays out the groundwork for home technology use.

In addition, we’re living in a time where home networking capabilities may be more of a concern. With our “new normal” since the onset of COVID-19, many households are now operating with many more occupants under one roof. Is your network overloaded due to more WiFi devices being used in your home? If so, upgrading your network may be a smart solution.

In short, retrofitting your home allows you to adapt to the latest technology without any hiccups (slow internet speeds, poor connection and limited availability). Here are the five reasons why you may need to consider a smart home retrofit.

What is a Smart Home Retrofit with a Structured Wiring System?

What we mean by upgrading your home’s wireless home networking system is upgrading it to have a structured wiring infrastructure. Structured wiring is the backbone for the technology use of your home and is how your whole home network operates. It includes coax, and ethernet cables which can be cat5, cat6, cat7 or even cat8 standard.

Modern homes usually come equipped with structured wiring. However, if you’re living in a home that does not already have this wiring system, a professional can complete a smart home retrofit quickly and with little downtime.

Reason #1: Reliable Functionality

This technology can work wonders for crawling Internet speed or spotty network connection. A smart home retrofit creates a secure, reliable infrastructure for your wireless home networking and technology systems. In addition, scalability is simple when it comes to structured wiring. The professional you partner with will be able to easily add new devices to your structured wiring system. With a professionally installed structured wiring system, the days of dropped calls, slow internet speeds and buffering are in the past.

Reason #2: Full WiFi Coverage

Your home’s WiFi system works from a central router that broadcasts a signal; this signal is what enables your devices and technology to operate. If you live in a larger home, or perhaps have a larger outdoor area, you may notice that there are “dead zones” (or areas of your home that cannot connect to the internet). A structured wiring system can fix this to ensure total WiFi coverage of your home and outdoor space. Also, a dropped or spotty internet connection may be due to the amount of WiFi-enabled devices in your household. A structured networking panel or an equipment rack contains high-performance cables that run through and connect to each room, creating full WiFi coverage for your home. Each device runs from a control box to its destination directly to deliver a strong signal. In addition, there are various building materials used in construction – concrete, stone, steel – and a structured wiring system eliminates wireless interference these products may cause.

Reason #3: Seamless to the Rest of Your Home

Your home’s WiFi system should have a seamless connection between WiFi access points and allow you to move from room to room without any loss of speed or signal. If you experiencing connectivity issues, your home networking system may need an upgrade. You do not need to start from scratch with a new build to experience a seamless installation. When you partner with a professional in the industry, they will ensure all cables and wiring are out of sight by installing them throughout the ceiling and walls in your home.

Reason #4: Full Connectivity

Installing a structured wiring system allows you to take advantage of all the offerings of a fully automated home. One of the biggest lures of home automation is the connectivity it delivers, such as enabling whole-house and outdoor audio, intercom systems, entertainment systems, etc. to flow throughout your home. Imagine playing any song – loudly or softly – from any room in your house, at the same time, from one system. A modern structured wiring system allows your home to stay connected to all of your devices, whether they’re indoors or outdoors.

Reason #5: Maximize Smart Home Capabilities

If you’re considering upgrading your home to a smart home with advanced automation capabilities, a smart home retrofit may be needed. If your home doesn’t currently have these capabilities, adding more WiFi-enabled devices to the network may slow it down and produce less than desirable performance. The following WiFi-enabled devices may require you to upgrade your existing home networking system:

Indoor and outdoor smart lighting

● Landscape Lighting

● Motorized shade control

● Outdoor motorized screen control

● Swimming pool control

● Irrigation system control

● Gate control

Smart entertainment and audio video

● Smart thermostats and climate control

Security and surveillance systems

● Video intercom

Fully maximize the capabilities of your home automation and devices by upgrading to a structured wiring system for your home.

Is a Smart Home Retrofit Right for Your Home?

If you’re considering introducing more smart home automation features to your home, structured wiring may be the next step for ensuring top performance. If your home is not built to support all your current or future technology systems, a smart home retrofit is a great option. Even though it may require an initial investment, it allows you to maximize your smart home automation capabilities.

As with any major home upgrade, it’s important to partner with a knowledgeable, skilled professional in your area that has expertise in home retrofits. Lifetronic Systems guarantees 100% fast, next-generation wireless networking both inside and out of your home. And we will never leave your home until you are 100% satisfied. If you’re ready to learn more about a wireless network upgrade for your home, contact us here.