7 Landscape Lighting Design Examples You’ll Want to Mimic in Your Outdoor Space

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Lighting is often one of the last things we think about when we’re designing any space, and the space around your home is probably no different. However, when you’ve spent time, money, and energy making your landscaping and the exterior of your home beautiful, landscape lighting design should be a priority as it can greatly enhance this space for aesthetics, entertaining, security, and more.

The right lighting not only makes the outside of your home more functional but it highlights the beauty of your architectural and landscape design. Why not see the design you put so much into all day?

Landscape lighting design is so much more than just functional, though. So, let’s take a closer look at a few great landscape lighting design options.

Types of Landscape Lighting

Adding landscape lighting design to your outdoor space may seem simple. But the truth is, there are many different types of outdoor lights that can be used to create a unique, beautiful and safer space around your home. Here are some of the options:

1. Spotlights & Floodlights

Just like the lighting you see in a theater, spotlights are designed to showcase a single point. When they are used in landscape lighting design, that usually means a particular feature of your landscape or home. For example, spotlights can create a stunning focal point on a bird of paradise or other palms in your outdoor area.

Floodlights, on the other hand – as the name suggests – are designed to create large pools of light and are great to use in areas that get a lot of use at night. Floodlights should be placed near the base of your landscaping and directed up towards the home.

2. Up and Down Lights

Up and down lights, when used in landscape lighting design, are similar to sconces you would have in your home. They’re usually mounted near a wall or fence and provide lighting that points directly down (or up.)

Up and down lighting can be used around larger trees that follow the perimeter of your home for a dramatic effect. These lights can also be placed near the architectural columns of your home to create visual interest and highlight the exterior of your home.

3. Path & Step Lights

Another important part of your landscape lighting design are lights that are used to illuminate pathways and steps. Not only does this make these features look more inviting, it makes them safer to use. This is particularly important if you have a yard with many different levels, and it helps to ensure your guests can find their way through your outdoor space easily.

There are many options for this type of lighting, from classic street lamp styles to sleek, modern bollard-style lights. So you should be able to find something that matches your home’s style and design.

4. Task Lighting

If you use your outdoor space for entertaining, you probably have an outdoor kitchen or similar amenities. Task lighting is designed to illuminate these areas brightly, so you can work safely while also providing a warm and inviting glow.

5. Feature Lighting

Whether it’s a statement pool or a water feature, if it’s beautiful, you want to make sure it stands out all day and night. Feature lighting might combine several of the types of lighting described here, with the goal of making these amazing features a focal point.

Sometimes, these lights can even use different colors to create a specific mood in the area. Most LED lights now come with a controller that lets you change the color with a push of a button. Go from red to yellow, to blue or purple or any color you like. Green lighting in a garden area can create a magical feel, while white lights along a pathway give guests a sense of security and sure footing.

6. Security Lights

Most of the landscape lighting options we’ve mentioned so far are mainly used for esthetic reasons. However, it’s important to have security lights too. These lights often include motion detectors, and they are used to illuminate darker areas around your home and provide a little extra security.

7. String Lights

The last type of lighting you might consider for your landscape lighting design is string lights. Whether they’re wrapped around a pergola or strung between trees, they transform any space into the perfect, magical entertainer’s dream.

Why You Should Consider Automation

Another consideration for when you’re working on your landscape lighting design is whether to automate your lighting.

These kinds of automation systems can be programmed to switch on and off at a particular time, and they can be adjusted seasonally, so your home is perfectly lit in summer and winter.

They can also be linked to various smart home systems, so when you open your automatic gate, your driveway lighting is activated. You can even program different lighting settings, so you can have bright, functional lighting or soft, romantic light at the touch of a button.

Many smart lighting systems even come with a panic button, so if you need all your lights on at the same time, you only have to press one button.

Landscape Lighting Design Must-Haves

When you’re working on your landscape lighting design, need to have your landscape finished, or have detailed landscape plans, your lighting design team can help you figure out the right placement and lighting type to achieve your goals.

You also need to ensure that there’s power available wherever a light will be installed. Sometimes, landscapers can place conduits and other necessary items in the ground while they are creating the space. However, power can also be added later.

You will need to tell your landscape lighting designer what you like, because there are so many styles of lights out there. Whether it’s contemporary, classic or ultra-modern, there will be lights that match your style perfectly.

Finally, when you are working on a landscape lighting design, it’s a good idea to determine the budget. When your landscape lighting specialists know what they have to work with, they can create a design that maximizes every dollar, and delivers exactly what you want and need.

A Fantastic Investment

You might not have thought too much about landscape lighting design yet, but you should know that it’s a great investment. The right kind of landscape lighting transforms the outside of your home, turning it into an extension of your interior space.

Great lighting also transforms the way your home looks at night. Instead of fading into the background, it will stand out and glow.

It makes entertaining easier and more enjoyable, adds safety and security to your outdoor spaces, and allows you to make full use of every area of your home 24 hours a day, in any season.

If you want to learn more about landscape lighting design and lighting automation, contact Lifetronic Systems located in Westport, CT. We’re happy to guide you every step of the way.