The Best Home Surveillance System Features for When You’re on Vacation

Home Surveillance System


Security is definitely a factor when families choose to make Connecticut their home. According to the statistics, Connecticut has long enjoyed one of the lowest violent crime rates in the country – however, that has been changing recently. As of late, Connecticut also has a disproportionately high rate of property crime.

This means it’s still safe to move your family to Connecticut, but you do need to do a little more to protect your property. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the best home surveillance system and general security system to protect your home when you’re not there.

Off Premises Security Access Control

One of the best features of modern home security systems is that these systems incorporate remote access control options. This means that homeowners have the option of opening specific doors for delivery people or workers who need to do something in their homes while they’re away. It also means that both the homeowner and a private security company, if they want to use one, can view access information about their home.

These days, the best home surveillance systems come with apps and online platforms that are easy to access anywhere, giving authorized users a birds eye view and the tools to allow or prevent access at will.

Climate Control Options

It might seem strange to worry about climate control when you’re not going to be home anyway, but there are good reasons to have a security system that has remote and automatic climate control options.

Climate control automation can be a huge asset if there is a fire in your home. The ability to disable central HVAC can help to stop the flow of smoke and slow the progression of the fire. If you also have automated fire dampening measures like sprinklers, that should give them enough time to work only in the area that has the fire. That will leave you with a little water damage, but it will save the rest of your home!

Wired Or Wireless?

Another key consideration you will need to make when you are choosing the best home surveillance system for your home is whether to choose a wired or wireless system. There are pros and cons to both, so let’s take a closer look at both options.

Wireless Home Surveillance System

Wireless home security systems are a very popular choice these days, but you do need to ensure that you purchase a high quality system that is truly wireless. Some units say they are wireless, but actually, they just run off batteries. True wireless systems usually do have a battery backup, but they also plug into an outlet, and they use the wireless system in your home to communicate.

Wireless home security systems are usually quick and easy to install, so there’s less disruption. They are easy to relocate to a new home too, and they often integrate with a large number of other wireless systems.

As for the negative elements of a wireless home security system, because they are on the internet, they can be hacked if they are not properly secured. They also require an internet connection, so if your internet goes down or there’s a signal interference, they might not work properly.

Wired Home Surveillance System

Wired home security systems are harder to install and usually require a professional for installation. They’re also not portable, so when you move, you will need to get a new system.

If your wired home security system doesn’t have a battery backup and there’s a power failure, it will stop working until the power comes on again.

On the plus side, no battery means you don’t have to worry about maintaining a battery, and there’s one less thing that could go wrong. Wired systems also don’t have signal interference problems like wireless systems, because they use a dedicated communications channel.

Wired home security systems usually cost a bit less, but they are also harder to integrate with other smart home systems.

Window and Door Sensors

When it comes to protecting your home from burglars and vandals, even the best home surveillance system is only as good as the notification system. The sooner you or the authorities know that you’ve had a break in, the sooner someone can take action.

Window and door sensors are an “early warning” system. Instead of capturing footage once someone is already in your home, they will alert you as soon as someone opens a window or door to gain entry.

Every Home Is Different

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when you are looking for the best home surveillance system is that every home is different. The layout of your home, architectural features, the quality of your internet and the power grid in your area are all factors to consider.

If you’re looking for the best home security system in Connecticut, the best way to find one is to contact Lifetronic Systems for a consultation. We can help you to identify and assess risks, design a custom system that has “eyes” on the right parts of your home, yard and more.

The truth is that the best home security system is one that is designed specifically for your home. Let us help you build it.