‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ Discover If a Cell Phone Booster is Right for Your Home or Office

Is a cell phone booster right for your home?

Dropped calls, poor call audio and painfully slow Internet: if these are common issues in your life, it may be time to turn to a networking solution called a cell phone booster (also known as an amplifier). Continue reading to learn more about this technology and if it’s a right fit for your home or office.

What Is a Cell Phone Booster?

A cell phone booster enhances a mobile phone’s cellular service by creating a stronger signal through antennas installed outside and inside your home. This technology is certified by the FCC and works for all major network carriers. The most common type of booster amplifies a stronger signal from an antenna – of course, this can be concealed so you’ll never know there’s one present. It functions by taking a weak cell phone signal and boosting it to a higher connection capability through the outside antenna. This strong signal is then picked up by an inside antenna in your home which rebroadcasts to create enhanced cellular service.

Note, that the strength of the cell phone booster you need depends largely on the current signal strength of the space, area size and desired Internet speed.

This may sound like fairly complex technology, but when partnering with an expert in home networking solutions, you won’t have to worry about the installation process or maintenance.

The Benefits of Using a Cell Phone Booster

This technology can work wonders for crawling Internet speed or spotty network connection. The days of stepping into a room and having an important phone call dropped are long gone. Adding a cell phone booster can actually improve cellular connectivity and create signal strength that’s up to 32x stronger!

A cell phone booster works on every mobile device present in your home or office. Since they are meant for indoor use, your neighbors will not have access to your strengthened signal; the only way for another person to gain access is if they are inside the confined space in which it’s being used.

benefits of using cell phone boosters

Another benefit of installing this technology is that it actually extends the battery life of your mobile phone. You see, when a cell phone experiences a weak signal, it must work harder to establish a connection. The stronger signal that a booster runs off of requires less power for your phone, which means more battery life.

If you’re living in a smart home or have a home security system, you’ll love the added protection a cell phone booster provides. Security systems rely on the cell signal of your home to call nearly police stations. By increasing the signal of your home, you’re also increasing your speed to reach someone in case of an emergency.

Cell Phone Booster Considerations

Not everyone is a good candidate for a cell phone booster. If your home or office is in an area where there is no cellular signal present, it cannot create its own signal. A weak cellular signal that running on at least a 3G or 4G must be available for it to be amplified by a booster. If you’re looking for a higher speed outside of the home, on your patio, for example, a cell phone booster is not for you. At this time, this technology can only work within a confined indoor space like your home or office.

Cell phone boosters vary in price depending on the type of strength and coverage needed. For example, if you live near a dead zone, you may have to upgrade to a more powerful model, which comes with a higher price tag. Be aware that shopping for a phone booster will vary widely depending on your needs.

Is a Cell Phone Booster the Right Solution for You?

If you’re thinking about installing a cell phone booster, we suggest hiring a professional. There are a number of tech components involved as well as heights since an antenna must be installed on your roof. Partner with an expert who has the proven expertise to get the job done right. If you’re dropping calls and experiencing less than desirable Internet speed, contact us today to discover if a cell phone booster is the right solution for you.