9 New Features of the Control4 CORE Controller You’ll Love


Snap One, the company behind the Control4 controller system, has been creating smart home systems for well over a decade. Over the years, they’ve used feedback from customers, new technology developments, and their very own research and development to create systems for your smart home that are innovative, easy to use, and do more. As a leader in the smart industry, Snap One has been building the most up-to-date smart home technology for years, and its latest upgrades are true to form.

The latest Control4 CORE controller is no different, and it boasts an impressive range of features. As a homeowner in Connecticut, you might have been looking at smart home options. Make sure you have the Control4 controller on your shortlist. Here’s why.

1. Brand New Hardware

In the technology world, hardware upgrades tend to happen a little slower than software changes, which is great for ensuring your smart home hardware has a longer lifespan. However, over time, software features and functions grow and change, and eventually, older hardware just can’t keep up. The latest Control4 controller has the latest, freshest hardware technology, so you can be sure it will get more done for a long time to come.

2. Software Platform Upgrades

You probably know that smart home technology has changed a little over the years. We’ve come a long way, and we can do things that we never even imagined possible when the first Control4 CORE controller was made. This is why there’s just been a complete upgrade of the software platform the system used. The latest Control4 OS 3.3.0 is more robust and user-friendly and offers advanced features that earlier systems did not.

3. Apple Watch Compatibility

One of the things that set the Control4 controller series apart from the competition is the number of devices it works with, and the latest Control4 CORE controller is no different. This time, they’ve built the system to be completely compatible with Apple watches, so if you prefer your tech wearable, it’s got you covered.

4. Faster Connections

We might have been content to watch websites buffer ten years ago, but no one has time for that these days. That’s why the new Control4 controller system has also been rebuilt to be faster. Now, you can connect up to 40% more quickly and get things done in record time.

5. Do More

Smart home technology has come a long way, and today, the Control4 controller can do more than ever before. It seamlessly controls your lighting, surround sound, video, security and comfort systems. With just a few clicks – even when you’re miles away from home – you can adjust your lighting, check your locks and adjust the thermostat.

6. Multi-System Integration

The latest Control4 controller system is built with OvrC Pro on board, which means with an active 4Sight subscription, the system integrates directly with Alexa and Google voice as well as Intercom Anywhere. The system also works through Apple and Android devices. This means you can access it from not only your Apple watch but also your phone and any modern tablet.

7. Color Control for Lighting

Why settle for a smart home system that can only dim and raise the lighting in your home when you can get the advanced Color Control system with the Control4 controller system? Not only can you change the color of your lighting instantly using the Control4 CORE controller platform, but you can also automate and schedule changes. Set the mood, create the ultimate party light scapes, or just experiment to find the lighting colors you love.

8. Improve Circadian Rhythms

If you thought color control was just a cool new feature, you’d be interested to know that it can actually impact your health. Light has a profound effect on circadian rhythms, which affect everything from your metabolism to your sleep quality. Changing your lighting to be warmer during daylight hours and cooler at night can have a huge impact on your body clock, and that can improve your health.

9. Whole Family Access

Because the Control4 controller can be accessed from so many devices via the brand new, easy-to-use controller platform, it’s easy for the whole family to use. Parents can lock and unlock doors as needed. Kids can change the temperature in one room or watch their favorite show with the best possible surround sound.

Get It All From Lifetronic Systems

There’s just no getting around it. Smart home technology is here to stay, and it’s an important part of our busy modern lives. Lifetronic Systems understands just how important technology is to the modern family, which is why we’ve partnered with the very best brands to offer products like the Control4 CORE controller to our customers.

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