How to Create Your Own Oasis with an Outdoor Sound System

Outdoor Sound System in CT

Your Oasis Awaits You!

Summer weather is right around the corner. You will soon look forward to indulging in sunny days on the patio and warm evenings by the pool. Now is the time to think about creating a luxurious outdoor space where you can enjoy an outdoor sound system with friends and family.

Setting up a quality outdoor sound system involves more than bringing a few speakers outside. You’ll want to include the most advanced technology in your system without ruining your landscaping. Lifetronic Systems can help you put together a high-quality outdoor sound system that beautifully blends into your patio, backyard, or wherever you enjoy spending time during the warmer Connecticut summers. 

How Can You Benefit from an Outdoor Sound System?

Is it worth the investment to create a high-level sound system outside of your home? The resounding answer is yes. There are several specific benefits of investing in a high-quality outdoor sound system.

  •     Durable and Permanent – Outdoor sound technology has come a long way in recent years. High-quality audio is now available that provides a wide range of sound and different systems to choose from. There are now sound systems specifically built for outside use. They can withstand rain, wind, extreme temperatures, and even insects. So, you don’t have to worry about bringing in equipment during inclement weather or during the winter months. 
  •     Personalized Customization – Audio specialists now have the capability to customize an outdoor system to meet your specific needs. Do you want to primarily listen to music while you’re grilling, or do you want the sound to evenly cover a larger area? Whether it’s on your deck, a patio, or the entire backyard, you can have an individualized system of your choosing. Lifetronic can even design a system that’s usable underwater so you can enjoy music while swimming in your pool.
  •     Long-Term Investment – Through the years, if you’re hosting a birthday party, a graduation party, or almost any other type of event, you won’t have to worry about hiring a professional DJ or setting up outdoor speakers just for the occasion. If you decide to move, your outdoor sound system will be a definite plus when it comes to selling your home. Quality sound systems can increase the value of your home. This type of system will retain its value for years to come.
  •     High-Quality Entertainment – Whether with family, friends, or business colleagues, it’s great to enjoy your backyard surrounded by high-quality music. You can put together intimate dinner parties or throw big barbecues without worrying about how you’ll need to set things up to enjoy your favorite music.

What Conveniences Can an Outdoor Sound System Provide?

Besides the obvious benefits of durable, personalized, high-quality entertainment that provides a solid investment, there are several specific conveniences that an outdoor sound system can offer. 

  •     Simplification – Tech professionals can build and connect your sound system so using it is as easy and simple as possible. Imagine lounging by the pool or soaking up the sun on the patio while managing your playlist with a few quick taps on your smartphone. Everything in your customized sound system is out of sight and set up to meet your specific needs. With a professionally installed outdoor sound system, you’ll have the most advanced technology along with simple smartphone accessibility. Lifetronic can install a system that will provide you with optimal convenience.
  •     Seamless Connection – Your outdoor sound system components work together in an easy and seamless fashion. With the concealment of all wires, there are no trip hazards or unsightly cables to distract from the landscaping. Everything is buried, hidden, or disguised as part of the scenery. You can design a system that includes equipment in weatherproof cases that you can operate from a tablet or smartphone.
  •     Clear Sound in All Locations – Simply placing speakers on a porch or patio often means blasting the sound to hear it throughout your backyard. A high-performance sound system enables you to hear the music clearly at various places on your property. This also means that the music won’t bother any neighbors. Whether your system is on a small patio or a multi-acre backyard, you’ll enjoy great sound in an even distribution in all locations.
  •     Immediate Relaxation – Finally, you can easily start relaxing as soon as you step outside. There’s no need to “get things ready” or take time setting up your music when you come home after work. Everything is already in place. As wonderful as it is to entertain, your sound system will likely become part of your life daily. Whether you work from home or the office, you’ll look forward to spending time each evening relaxing on the patio or back deck. 

Why Choose Lifetronic Systems?

If you’re a homeowner looking for underwater pool speakers or outdoor speakers for your deck or patio, Lifetronic Systems features the most advanced outdoor sound systems available to help you enjoy your time outdoors. If you are building a home, we also work with builders and architects who want to install the latest smart technology in their home designs.

We can put together an entirely new system or upgrade an existing one. We use Coastal Source for outdoor music installations. Working with us you will not only ger high-value installation but high-value products. We’ll work with you to create a customized outdoor sound system that meets your needs and exact specifications. Here at Lifetronic Systems, we provide high-end, whole home, smart automation. Partner with us to create the perfect outdoor sound system.

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