Home Automation

Home Automation

Your home as smart as you!

You’ve worked hard. Now it’s time to play with a cutting-edge smart home installation, your digital butler working tirelessly to seamlessly integrate your home’s tasks and make your life simpler, easier and safer.

Simplify your life.

Our objective is to uncomplicate and streamline your life, to design a high-tech home automation system that can be as simple or extravagant as you wish, but never difficult to use. All of Lifetronic Systems’ home automation installations are fully scalable, so if you want to start small, perhaps a media room with an easy-to-use TV/surround sound system and a few rooms with background music, we can design a system to meet all your needs. In the future, you can add whatever extras you like since the brains of your smart home is already installed.

Some clients want to immediately make their whole house smart, seamlessly integrating every system in their home: lightingsecurity, appliances, climate, shades and drapes, entertainment, even outside lights and your pool and spa. We can easily do that too!

What makes any home automation installation smart – be it small or large – is that everything is controlled by the touch of a button.

Does it take a long time for a home automation installation?

In most cases, it takes from one to three weeks for installation, although some projects can take longer. However, Lifetronic Systems’ clients become clients for life, which means anytime they have a question about how to operate their system we are there, which makes us unique in this business. Unless our clients understand every aspect of their system, our job is not finished.

Will you cut holes in my walls?

The most reliable connection in your audiovideo or home automation installation is always hard-wired, so we make every effort to run wires throughout your home – but we do so usually without making any holes. However, if we have to make a small opening in a wall or ceiling we will always ask you first. In some cases we may choose to use wireless devices. They are easier to install, and in the end they become a part of the whole home automation system.

Still not sure what you need?

You are not alone. At Lifetronic Systems’ we take pride in our ability to listen to every client and understand each client’s individual wants and needs. Everyone is different. Each of our smart home installations are unique, never cookie cutter.

At the initial meeting, which usually takes place in the comfort of your home, we discover exactly what is on your mind. Our job is to convey to you what is available, and how the most advanced, revolutionary smart home technology can work for you. Clients often then visit our Westport, CT, showroom to see the technology in action.

There are never ever hidden surprises!

That is the Lifetronic Systems promise to you. Once we decide exactly what components you desire, we go into the design phase, creating a detailed custom plan for you. This discovery and design phase is thoughtful and carefully documented, so there are no surprises once the home automation system is installed. You will understand exactly what you are getting to avoid any misunderstandings upfront.

You will also know exactly how much the project will cost. There are never any hidden costs. Our custom smart home plan and pricing is the commitment we make to you, that we will complete the project as detailed at the price we quoted.

Building a new home?

Lifetronic Systems’ expert designers plan a custom-wired home automation installation to bring every element of smart home design and technology into the structure before the walls go up. We can be there during the initial phase of construction design, and are on the scene at the same time as the electricians, ensuring that all wires and cables are in place, exactly where they should be to fully integrate everything – TVs, audio, lighting, security, climate, networks, commercial applications – into one system. Our plans can even extend to the outdoors, incorporating security, cameras, landscape lighting and entertainment into the plans.

Why should I choose Lifetronic Systems?

Personal attention: Lifetronic Systems is a small, boutique operation that is big on detail, personal attention and quality. Clients deal with the company founder and owner, Tomasz Tesluk, who takes pride in every home automation installation. Tomasz gets to know each of his clients and their unique wants and needs, which means you will never receive a cookie-cutter technology-integration plan for your home. Your design is custom and distinctive. And Tomasz is there during the whole process, from the initial meetings in your home, through design and installation. And after!

Highest standards of quality: Our clients deserve and demand perfection, something we are qualified to deliver since we demand perfection of ourselves. Tomas views all his projects – large or small – as high-tech works of art. He also is generous with advice and does not consider a project complete until the client fully understands how the system works.

Cutting-edge technology: Lifetronic Systems installs cutting-edge smart home technology in any structure, be it a 200-year-old historic home or modern office building. We work with homeowners, builders, architects and interior designers to seamlessly blend technology with design, simplifying even the most complex systems so anyone, of any age, is comfortable with their new smart home.

No shortcuts: As one satisfied customer says: “Lifetronic Systems is about doing the job right as opposed to taking shortcuts”; or another, who credits us with the design creativity that improved the final outcome, reduced the cost and simplified the job process.

Welcome to your high-tech, streamlined, more secure life.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation, in your home. Fill out the form to the right or call us at 203.226.2386. The possibilities are endless.

Local Home Automation Service Areas: Lifetronic Systems is located in Westport, CT, and services all of Fairfield County, CT, and Westchester County, NY, including: New Canaan, Darien, Greenwich, Stamford, Westport, Weston, Wilton, Easton, Redding, Fairfield and beyond.  We also travel beyond Connecticut and New York upon request.

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