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Your system, your way.

Think of home automation as your house’s brain, controlling and integrating every electronic device in your environment. The result is care-free, convenient and safe living, designed to be as personal and unique as you.

Consider This…

  • You’re sleeping peacefully but 30 minutes before you are scheduled to awake, your home is at work: the thermostat adjusts to heat up the house, the lights begin to slowly brighten, the shades gradually open, and finally, a wake-up alarm sounds or music begins to play.
  • As you leave for work, one button locks the doors, alarms the security system, turns off the lights, powers down all non-essential devices and sets the temperature to “away” mode.
  • While at work, text messages alert you to what is going on at home: your child has not returned home by the expected time, the dishwasher is leaking or a basement sump pump has stopped operating.
  • When you return home, one button opens your garage door, unlocks the entry door, lights a pathway into your home, and adjusts the thermostat to a comfortable setting.
  • When you are ready to watch a movie, a single interface – remote, touch screen, smartphone or tablet – controls your entire entertainment system. As the movie begins, the lights dim, the shades lower, the curtains close and the temperature adjusts to keep your family comfortable.
  • Ready for bed? A simple push of the “Goodnight” button lowers the shades, closes the blinds, turns off the lights, televisions and game consoles, adjusts the temperature to a comfortable sleeping mode, locks all doors and arms the security system. You fall asleep knowing your home is on guard, keeping your family safe and secure.

You rang?

It’s your automated behind-the-scenes butler at work, obeying your every command. Since it is fully integrated, you can control everything from an iPad, iPhone, Android phone or laptop – wherever you are in the world. If you are away from home and a problem occurs, a text message or email is sent to your personal device.

Home automation can extend throughout your house – indoors and out – controlling lighting, security and surveillance, locks, video intercom, entertainment systems, heating and air conditioning. Green your thing? It also tells you when to run your appliances to reduce energy consumption. The list of how smart your home can be is endless.

The system is fully scalable, perfect for our clients who want to start small. Perhaps you only want an easy-to-use TV with surround-sound system in your media room and a few rooms with background music. At any time in the future Lifetronic Systems can add whatever you want, since the brain of your home’s system is already installed.

The possibilities are endless.

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