Why you need Enterprise-Grade WiFi for Home Network Systems

In today’s world, home network systems must be robust, efficient and strong.

Home Network SystemsTo live a happy digital life you simply have to open your house to enterprise-grade networks that provide state-of-the-art performance, speed and coverage. In addition, they reliably support smart home systems, streaming audio/video, security and traditional data activities such as web browsing or sending and receiving emails.

With internet bills now added to what was once a trinity of utility charges – electric, gas and water – wise consumers understand that they need a reliable network. It might be easier to blame Netflix, Spotify or even your Internet provider for poor service, but they are pretty reliable, so the issue is more often in your home.

Here are six reasons why you need an enterprise-grade WiFi network:

  1. Better streaming. Who wants to watch a streaming video only to be “entertained” by the buffering icon creeping across the screen, or listen to streaming music with lots of audio pauses or stops? Enterprise-grade enables all multimedia networks to coexist with each other because of configurable priority streaming. There are no data drops, buffering and music streaming services are crystal clear.
  2. Security. System security is essential. Lifetronic Systems builds Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and firewalls to protect against incoming threats. We also include encryption for all administrative traffic (HTTPS, SFTP, SSH) and IP access controls.
  3. High Bandwidth. The systems we design contain abundant bandwidth to support simultaneous streams of audio and video without interruption.
  4. Scalability. No one wants to replace a home network system each time something new and better arrives on the market. We scale our enterprise-grade equipment to accommodate all situations.
  5. Reliability. Most of us have been frustrated by routers that overheat, overload because of too many connections, or simply stop working within a year. Enterprise-grade products are built to last for years, and all come with lengthy warranties to ensure that your network will run smoothly.
  6. Coverage. There is a tremendous amount of space in businesses and large homes, and an enterprise-grade network guarantees full coverage of the wireless property. In addition, there are various buildings materials used in construction – concrete, stone, steel – and an enterprise system eliminates wireless interference these products may cause.Lifetronic Systems installs carefully-integrated systems using Cisco, Ruckus Wireless, and Pakedge components that seamlessly deliver scalable and reliable networking performance. When combined with a secure cloud-management system, all services – including monitoring and management of all connected devices, anywhere, at any time, from any device – is accomplished.