How to Improve Your Home’s Interior Design with Smart Home Lighting

Smart Home Lighting

Indoor lighting can create a unique atmosphere to your home and enhances its overall design aesthetic… when properly conceived and utilized, of course. The truth is, if you’re ignoring the lighting scheme in your home, you’re missing an opportunity to improve your space. This is why designers and architects are quickly turning to smart home lighting technology like Lutron or Control4 to implement in their projects.

Plus, homeowners are happy to find that interior lighting fits seamlessly into the smart home hub. This integration allows you to program the perfect scene in your home. For example, upon waking up for work in the morning, you can program multi-room audio to play in your bedroom and accompany it with smart home lighting, temperature control and smart blinds to make your morning routine that much better. This lighting technology enhances your interior design by creating an immersive experience that works in sync with existing home automation.

Customized Lighting for Every Room

Living Room Lighting

Aside from the kitchen, the living room is often touted as the heart of the home. Homeowners often want this room to feel comfortable and cozy while still providing a variety of functions, from reading to entertaining and TV watching, and the lighting should be customized to each occasion. Focal points in the room, for example a fireplace or piece of artwork, can be masterfully highlighted with the help of smart home lighting. By applying lighting settings that are easily turned on and off by the touch of a button, we can create various moods to enhance your interior design.

For example, if you’re winding down after a long day of work, you may opt for a programmable lighting setting that is slightly dimmed and relaxed. Or maybe you’re hosting game night and want to create a fun mood by using different colored LED lighting. LED lighting comes packed with many advantages, including aesthetic options, as they can change hue and color through customized settings, allowing you to choose the color spectrum that fits the room and the mood you want.

Kitchen Lighting

The right lighting can make all the difference for your cooking experience. Like all lighting fixtures and features, it should blend seamlessly into your existing space. Overhead island lighting can be added in your kitchen to make food prep simple by providing high intensity lighting.

Smart lighting is also popularly added below wall-mounted cabinets as it provides visibility to your countertops and appliances. If your home features natural or engineered stone countertops, they will come alive and shine in the light.

Bathroom Lighting

For the bathroom, ambient lighting provides just the right amount of light to get ready and look your best. Dimmable backlit mirrors, bathroom vanity lights and recessed lights, all of which can be designed with color changing bulbs, are highly customized and elevate the overall interior design of your bathroom space. Custom built-in lighting illuminates from the side of your mirror, instead of above, providing the ideal lighting situation in which to get ready. Set up sensors to adjust the dimness or brightness of the bathroom without a flick of the switch. In general, smart home bathroom lighting can be highly personalized to suit your lifestyle.

Indoor lighting makes a big design impact in your home when properly executed. The key is adding variety – you want to make sure you use a mixture of lights for the greatest impact. Hi-hats in the ceiling are a great way to add good light without interfering with the space. For the areas you want a bit more style, incorporate pendant lighting, lamps, and other types of recessed lighting.

Work with a smart home lighting professional

With all these options, there’s a lot that goes into integrating lighting controls. To ensure that things are done right, it’s always best to work with a professional. A professional installer will be able to help you figure out the perfect, unique solution for your home, so you can reap all the benefits – convenience, safety, and aesthetic – of lighting controls.

At Lifetronic, we pride ourselves on our dedication to our clients. We always take the time to understand your needs and lifestyle, so we can suggest solutions that will work best for you. If you’re ready to get started on your lighting project, please feel free to contact us at any time.