Mesh Wifi and Why It’s Replacing Traditional Home Wifi

Mesh Wifi

Ready to update your home with Mesh Wifi?

Move over traditional home wifi, mesh wifi is here. Traditional home wifi routers that provide a single, centralized access point for broadcasting signals are quickly becoming a thing of the past. While traditional wifi may serve your needs, a one router approach has its disadvantages, such as the inability to service all areas of a home. This challenge hinders the success of adding smart-home devices where it’s a necessity to have a WiFi system that can service all devices equally despite their locations within the home. Thankfully, WiFi Mesh Networks offer a solution to this challenge and can provide the most efficient levels of connectivity in a home or building.

What is Mesh Wifi?

Mesh wifi is a communication network that includes mesh routers, satellites, and nodes. In a mesh system, you’ll choose a single node as the primary router, while other nodes serve as satellites, strategically placed throughout your home. By adding several mesh satellites, you can dramatically increase the areas of coverage in your home.

Collectively, all the nodes act in unison as a single network. And when connected to your devices, you’ll communicate with the closest node, unlike a traditional wifi system where you only communicate through a central router. You’ve heard before that the fastest way from point A to point B is a straight line? A Mesh wifi system is an example of just that when satellites and nodes work together to shorten the line of communication.

This entire system makes up a single wireless network. Unlike most wifi routers, this system shares the same password and SSID. A mesh system can join more than one wifi access point together. This creates a seamless wifi network that has the capability to cover even the largest building or home. In simplest terms, mesh wifi can extend your wireless router’s signal so you can enjoy consistent internet access anywhere throughout your home.

What are the Benefits of Mesh Wifi?

Mesh Wifi can improve your overall internet connectivity and the function of all your smart devices by providing:    

  • Consistent Speed – A wifi router can only broadcast signals to a certain point. As the signal continues to travel, it becomes weaker. This means you may not only lose a signal, but you’re losing speed. Positioning mesh satellites throughout your home will provide consistent speed.
  • Greater Reliability – Without mesh wifi, you run the risk of having at least a few dead zones throughout your home. Even if a node is far away from the main hub, it still can communicate through a closer node.
  • Self-Healing Algorithms – A mesh network can reconfigure itself if a path between devices breaks. There is sometimes more than a single path between the source and the destination.
  • Better Connectivity – A mesh system is ideal for a home or business that uses several smart devices. The mesh connection enables these devices to communicate with one another directly without going through an internet connection first. 

Who would Benefit from Upgrading to Your Homes Wifi?

One of the primary benefits of using mesh wifi includes the ability to customize and easily scale a system in situations where greater reliability and faster speed is needed, such as when you have: 

  • Large Home – If your home contains 3,000 square feet of footage or more, mesh wifi allows all areas of your house to receive adequate coverage.
  • Thick Walls – If your internal walls are particularly thick, mesh wifi enables wifi service to flow consistently throughout the home.
  • Unusual Floor Plan – An L-shaped home is considered an unusual floor plan.
  • Home Monitoring – Because a mesh system is built to keep a single point of failure from shutting down the entire network, your smart home monitoring and security system are more secure.

How Many Smart Home Features Can Mesh Wifi Support?

According to Tech Advisor, in theory, routers can handle dozens of devices. In practice, however, this number is often much lower. A mesh system can practically handle anywhere from 100 to 200 smart home features. This is because the separate nodes in the system can operate far more devices in an efficient manner than a single router.

When choosing a mesh system that best fits your needs, you’ll want to consider several factors. First, what wifi speed will you need? Some users consider speeds between 1200Mbsp and 1800Mbsp efficient. There are, however, ultra-fast wifi speeds of over 3000Mbsp. You’ll also need to take into consideration the size of your house and what range you’ll need. You’ll want to consult a smart home professional to make sure you customize a system that meets your individual needs.

Why Contact Lifetronic Systems?

To eliminate dead zones and support the fastest, most reliable wifi system in your home, you’ll want to consider a mesh wifi system. Once professionally installed, a mesh system enables you to consistently receive reliable internet service for a large number of interconnected smart devices.

You’ll want to partner with a professional in-home networking when designing and installing the best mesh wifi system in your home. At Lifetronic Systems, we provide cutting-edge technology and expert support to help you with your home wifi and smart automation needs.  Contact Lifetronic Systems for more information.