How to Maximize Your Outdoor Entertainment with Smart Home Technology

outdoor entertainmentIf you’re like any New Englander, you love to spend as much time outdoors as you can during the quintessential summer months. This is why home entertainment should not be limited to the indoors! In addition to indoor applications, smart home technology can also be an asset for your outdoor space, providing entertainment, lighting and an overall more enjoyable atmosphere. Take the indoors outdoors this summer by incorporating these smart home technology features into your backyard.

Create an Outdoor Theater

Hosting movie nights has never been easier! Your guests will be able to take advantage of the temperate weather and watch a movie under the stars with an outdoor theater. Outdoor theaters are highly customized to your home and preferences so they will suit your unique outdoor space effortlessly. When it comes to watching your TV with ease and battling the elements, we partner with companies (such as Séura) that create specially designed flat-screen TVs that are sheathed in waterproof cases. These cases are built to withstand temperatures from -30 degrees to over blistering 110-degrees, making them perfect for New England weather. Plus, outdoor TVs can come fitted with UV protective outdoor dust covers so grime and dust are never an issue. 

Control Outdoor Audio with Ease

We understand that a high-quality audio system is standard indoors, but did you know you can take the same quality audio outdoors, too? Outdoor audio is easily controlled on your phone or remote so you’re always in control. Underwater pool speakers can also be added so you can even hear the music while you swim! Outdoor audio systems are meticulously wired to fit each homeowner’s particular outdoor area. With a professional outdoor audio installation, there are no wires in sight and everything is concealed. Subwoofers are buried and speakers are hidden in the landscaping or disguised as nature (such as a tree or stone).

Extend WiFi Capabilities to the Outdoors

A weatherproof access point (or extender) takes your WiFi to the outdoors so your smart home electronics (and everyone’s smartphones!) run without a hitch. If you are entertaining guests, adding more users and devices puts your home WiFi network under stress and leads to bandwidth issues. You may need multiple access points to solve the issue and ensure your WiFi extends to the outdoors. We always use Ruckus Wireless equipment to ensure maximum performance and reliability. 

Change Up Your Workout Routine

If you enjoy working out at home, whether it’s yoga, cycling or an aerobic class, you can get fresh air while exercising by taking your exercise outdoors. At Lifetronic Sytems, we partner with a number of high-quality outdoor TV companies, such as SunBrite TV, Seura or Samsung, to deliver a great viewing experience in your backyard. Take advantage of the sunny, warm weather while you can by adding an outdoor television to your spread. A feature we love: outdoor TVs absorb bright light so annoying screen glares are reduced. Outdoor TVs are also highly durable. You won’t need to take them indoors in the event of extreme heat, humidity, rain and snow as they are weather-resistant.

And it’s all controlled seamlessly from a handheld remote, touchscreens in gazebos and screened or covered rooms, or on your smartphone or tablet.

Create the Perfect Ambiance with Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting can totally transform the whole mood of your outdoor space. For example, if you have a fountain, hot tub, or garden feature, don’t be afraid to draw attention to it with tree lights. From niche lights, tree lights and chandeliers to well lights, you are only limited as far as your imagination takes you when it comes to outdoor lighting options.

In addition to aesthetic purposes, outdoor lighting also serves as a security and safety feature. Pathway lights and motion detectors can be added to your outdoor lighting installation to enhance the safety of your home. Use solar path lights to line a walkway and illuminate your main traffic areas. Just like most of the technology in your home, outdoor lighting can also be integrated into your smart home automation system, making it easy-to-use and highly customizable. We recommend using Coastal Source landscape lighting.

Ready to Transform Your Outdoor Space?

Bring your smart home outdoors with these tips! Enjoy the season with your friends and family by adding these outdoor smart home features to your home. Lifetronic Systems specializes in creating custom outdoor spaces for residential and commercial properties. If you’re ready to learn more, contact us today.