6 Smart Bathroom Trends that You’ll Want to Incorporate into Your Home

smart bathroom trends

So many things in your life are automated – payments, subscription renewals, smart home technology, etc. so why aren’t the features in your bathroom?

The bathroom is where we start and finish our days; it’s no wonder why smart bathroom trends are sweeping the world of automation and finding new solutions to fix age old problems. Adding certain features to your bathroom can help the way it looks like while also improving its functionality.

While it may not be the first room you consider for automation, there are many new, modern smart home updates for you to consider adding to your bathroom.

#1: Smart Shading for Privacy

Like many areas of your home, Lutron smart shading can make a big impact on your at home comfortability, letting in just enough light when needed and easily closing for privacy when desired. When it comes to the bathroom, motorized smart shading is exceptionally convenient as it provides privacy and light control at all times of the day. For example, if the afternoon sun heats up your room, an automation can be setup to close the blinds or limit the light coming in based on your personal preferences. Smart shades are customizable and controlled using your smart home automation devices, so it’s easily integrated into your home.

#2: A Smart Mirror that Says “Good Morning”

The Séura TV Mirror is one of those features that once you have it, you can’t go back. This smart technology senses when you’re awake and chimes a “Good Morning”; that’s when the fun begins! When switched on, the Séura TV Mirror and personalized home screen allows you to enjoy quality entertainment without having the eyesore of a TV present. This TV integrates seamlessly as a bathroom mirror so it will not disrupt your interior design. When not in use, it looks and acts as a normal mirror.

Begin your mornings with the content that’s important you, whether it’s the news, weather forecast, your favorite TV show or music playlist. Your personalized display is conveniently filled with your selected settings and apps. Basically, it can streamline your morning routine, allowing you to replace your morning smart device ritual while simultaneously getting ready for the day.

#3: Ambient Bathroom Lighting

Dimmable backlit mirrors, bathroom vanity lights and recessed lights, all of which can be designed with color changing bulbs, are highly customized and elevate the overall interior design of your bathroom space. Custom built-in lighting illuminates from the side of your mirror, instead of above, providing the ideal lighting situation in which to get ready. Smart home lighting can be highly personalized to suit your lifestyle. Set up sensors to adjust the dimness or brightness of the bathroom without a flick of the switch.

For example, KOHLER Konnect technology integrates your bath’s light, sound, color and water to create a bathroom experience that’s straight out of the future. With Konnect, bathroom appliances, such as your bath’s lighted mirror, sink faucet, showering system and vanity, are all connected and voice-activated, creating a totally hands-free experience.

#4: Take a Smart Shower

Create the perfect shower conditions with the help of your smart home automation system; program your shower’s water temperature, shower length, water flow and more. In addition to its convenience, smart showers also provide smart savings on your monthly bills, using 50% less water and energy. EvaDrop, a leader in the smart shower market, claims that you can save approximately 3% of your monthly water usage plus the energy it used to heat the water.

#5: Never Step on Cold Tile Again with a Floor Heating System

Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning and stepping onto ice cold tile. Ease into the day with a floor system, like WiFi control enabled Schluter Ditra, that provides soothing warmth instead. Floor heating systems use thermal radiation to generate heat to your flooring at a controlled temperature. These systems use minimal electricity so you won’t have to worry about your energy costs going up. Modern floor systems cover the entire space in your bathroom, creating a comfortable environment for you to step into the day.

#6: Water Purification Creates a Healthier Home Environment

Although the U.S. has one of the safest water supplies in the world, it’s important to know that water quality varies from place to place and contamination can still happen from occurrences like sewage leaks, harmful manufacturing practices and naturally occurring chemicals and minerals (heavy metals such as lead or mercury, microplastics, chlorine, hormones and chlorine). A home water purification system can treat your home’s water quality, removing an array of contaminants, such as micro-plastics, salt, chemical and pharmaceutical residues, bacteria and viruses, hormones, metals such as lead and mercury and chlorine. You’ll never come out of the shower feeling cleaner!

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