Let Smart Business Automation Control Your Office in 2019

Smart Business Automation

When you have a home office or run your own business, smart automation is the easiest solution to control and streamline your electronics. If you’ve ever dealt with a technology issue while on the job, you know how frustrating it is to troubleshoot.

Poor quality video conferences, unclear audio, and projectors that fail to connect — Does this sound like a scene from your last meeting? Get with the times. Conferences that go off without a hitch with the help of reliable technology is what your business deserves. Here’s how smart business automation creates the work environment you will appreciate.

High-Speed, Enterprise-Grade WiFi

Does your office frequently experience Internet lags or outages?

Is your video conferencing unreliable, and often pixelated or slowed down?

Are there certain conference rooms or areas in your office that receive spotty WiFi coverage?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are dealing with a less-than-reliable network that is due for an upgrade.

You and your employees are only as productive as your wireless Internet. Frequent Internet lags cause frustration, bottleneck productivity and increase employee downtime, as well. To fix this, we created enterprise-grade WiFi network systems that allow you and your team to operate seamlessly. The systems we install contain high-bandwidth support, so you can simultaneously stream audio and video without the threat of disruption.

Installing an enterprise-grade WiFi network ensures your whole office or home has coverage, not just selected rooms. You will not have to worry about WiFi interference due to your office or home’s building materials, such as concrete, steel or brick. We skillfully integrate systems in your home or office using Cisco, Ruckus Wireless and Pakedge components that deliver a state-of-the-art work environment.

Reliable and Secure Networking Solutions

If you’ve ever had a router overheat or overload because of too many connections, then you know the downtime it can create. Your networking system is the foundation for all your technology and is an integral part of ensuring business continuity. Our enterprise-grade systems are built to last for years and include lengthy warranties that guarantee your network will run smoothly.

Network security is always a business concern. But, with an enterprise network, it doesn’t have to be! To ensure the utmost network protection, we build Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and firewalls that protect your network from incoming threats. We use encryption for all administrative traffic (HTTPS, SFTP and SSH) and IP access controls for network security.

Smart Climate Control & Energy Management

Who’s paying for your utilities? Climate control and energy management for your office may seem like a luxury, but after you see the benefits, it will soon become a necessity. Imagine being able to control this climate from home or away — when you have an office to manage, it makes life easier.

With smart automation for your office, you will:

  • Never leave the office lights on after hours
  • Worry about lowering or turning up the thermostat
  • Reduce energy costs & efficiency with integrated occupancy sensors

There are other practical benefits for turning to smart climate control, including the opportunity for your office to ‘Go Green.’ You can do your part in helping to reduce your carbon footprint by optimizing climate and lighting conditions. With the ‘Green’ climate control setting, you can automatically adjust the default setting for your lights to 90 percent. The nearly unnoticeable ten percent drop in brightness will not only save you money on utility bills, but will reduce up to 850 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. That is the equivalent of not driving your car for an entire month! The ‘Green’ setting also automatically reduces heat and air conditioning usage, turns off unnecessary lights, and reduces appliance and standby power usage.

Smart Security & Surveillance System

Protect your assets and enjoy a peace of mind with a smart security and surveillance system. These systems are fully integrated into your entire business automation setup.

It’s time to burglar-proof your business: with one touch on your mobile phone, you can lock every door in the office and arm our alarm system. No more driving back to the office to double check for an unlocked door.

If you or your employees ever work late hours, outside lights can be installed that create a safe path out of the office. Your employees will really appreciate these extra security measures.

At Lifetronic Systems, we tailor your smart security and surveillance system to fit your needs and can add extra security measures where you see fit. Are there sensitive and confidential documents in your office? We design high-security rooms to keep these items safe. High-security rooms require a finger scan, and can only be opened with the swipe of a designated person. Now, you won’t have to worry about any codes or keys to fumble with — it is that simple and more affordable than you think!

Are You Interested in Smart Automation for Your Office?

Smart automation for your office will save you money, create a secure work environment and promote office safety. We take into account that every office is different, and pride ourselves in creating a custom plan that is right for you. After understanding your office’s needs during your free consultation, we create a custom home plan and budget specifically designed for you.

If you’re ready to learn more about smart automation for your office or home, contact us here.