The Smart Home Solutions Forecast for 2019

Smart home solutions forecasr

Industry experts agree: the forecast for smart home solutions will exponentially grow in 2019 and become the standard for new construction in residential and commercial properties. Smart home technology is no longer a ‘‘nice to have’ feature that creates convenience in a home, it’s becoming an expected staple that promotes security in homes and safety for users.

Smart Home Solutions Forecast #1: Automation Takes Center Stage

One of the most important benefits of smart capabilities in your home is the convenience and ease it delivers. Smart Homeowners have the luxury of custom security systems, efficient utilities and user-friendly devices. In the upcoming year, appliances and devices will replace the majority of fixtures in updated and high-end new construction homes. Take the capabilities of the Séura Smart Mirror, for example. The Smart Mirror can be set to program your coffee maker to start, deliver daily weather reports and play soothing music to start your morning routine.

The Séura Smart Mirror is in the smart home solutions forecast for 2019

Another prime example of home automation in action is smart climate control. With this technology, you can effortlessly program your home’s thermostat to heat up or cool down based on home occupancy, outdoor weather and time of day. For instance, you can set the smart home thermostat to decrease temperatures when you are getting ready for bed and increase your home’s temperature as soon as you leave for work.

In 2019, you can expect more smart home integrations that center around automation.

Smart Home Solutions Forecast #2: The Market for Smart Home Security Will Expand Tremendously

Every year, the home security market increases by 27 percent. Homeowners want to feel safe and secure while they’re away. This is the driving force behind the smart home security growth.

The truth is, security and home automation go hand-in-hand. Orchestrated lighting, camera doorbells and motion sensors make excellent devices that can protect and alert homeowners from any pending threat.

Here is how smart home technology works to protect your home in case of emergencies other than a home invasion:

  • The smart thermostat turns off HVAC so toxic gases or smoke are not circulated
  • Lights turn on so everyone in the house can see what is going on
  • You and your family’s smartphone receives a notification alert
  • Security system unlocks doors so everyone can get out safely

More intuitive options are always being added to the technology, which is another reason for high adoption rates. Smart technology manufacturers are making these systems better and better.

Smart Home Solutions Forecast #3: Expect to See More Smart Audibles

People are busy… hands-free is the way to go. More and more smart home devices are being seen with voice assistance wireless speakers, so you don’t even have to worry about using an app to control them. In fact, Futuresource estimates that by 2022, 388 million smart audibles will be in homes. This forecast reveals more than a 20 percent increase in use year over year!

Smart home audibles impact the way homeowners search for queries on the Internet, stream music and control the operation of their home. For instance, users can command their smart home integrated devices to make a cup of coffee, lower home temperatures and turn on outdoor lights. This is one of the major benefits of having whole home automation: it works seamlessly together, like one big system.

Smart Home Solutions Forecast #4: Smart Technology Will Help Homeowners’ Wellness

Smart home automation is dipping into new territories. The newest focus for this technology is not being used for convenience (which was always its intention), but to improve the health of homeowners.

Live in a chilly place that gets snow during the wintertime? You can receive light therapy from your smart home by enabling white light to turn on that simulates natural daylight.

Want to ensure that you’re living in a healthy home? Improve indoor air quality by having your smart home monitor your home’s atmosphere.

Have a loved one at home that requires extra care? Easily monitor how they’re doing with health monitors, video camera and audio control.

Smart home technology is moving into the wellness space, and for a great reason. Its capabilities make it an excellent choice for ensuring the safety and wellness of its’ homeowners. This trend in wellness is increasing in 2019 and being adopted by cruise lines, hotels, businesses, as well as residential properties.

Are You Ready to Join the Smart Home Revolution?

Smart home automation will continue to make waves in 2019. Are you curious what it can do for your home? We pride ourselves in creating custom plans that are right for you. After understanding your needs during a free consultation, we create a custom home plan and budget specifically designed for you. If you’re ready to learn more about smart automation for your office or home, contact us here.