The Growing Need for an Outdoor WiFi Access Point

The Growing Need for an Outdoor WiFi Access Point

Imagine a gorgeous summer afternoon on the patio with family and friends.

While the kids are enjoying a movie on the outdoor big screen television, you and your friends are streaming music through outdoor speakers in strategic locations throughout your landscaping. As the sun sets, your outdoor lighting will turn on while guests listen to underwater speakers as they swim in the pool.

With an outdoor WiFi access point, you can create your own personalized outdoor paradise with all this and more. Continue reading to discover the many benefits of adding an outdoor WiFi access point to your home.

What Is an Outdoor WiFi Access Point?

An outdoor WiFi access point is a device that provides a wireless network connection for various devices outside of the house. It’s a system that acts as a strong wireless hotspot or central hub. It does not include internal routing but allows a direct connection to your network. An access point can connect to a router and project a signal to a particular area.

It’s important to distinguish between an access point and a range extender. A range extender increases the length of an existing network. A range extender needs placement where the router’s signal is already strong and not in a dead zone.

Another distinction is between an outdoor WiFi access point and wireless bridges. Wireless access points will allow you to connect various devices that have WiFi access to your network. The use of access points eliminates the need for wires and cables. A wireless bridge is normally put in to extend coverage to areas where actual cabling can’t reach.

What Are the Benefits?

There are several specific benefits of an outdoor WiFi access point you’ll want to consider.

  • Better Connections: Access points can provide better overall connections, especially if multiple users are in and around your home. You won’t have to worry about too many individuals all needing WiFi support simultaneously.
  • Improve Security: An outside WiFi access point can improve your overall home security. Cameras operating on WiFi signals will grant you greater remote accessibility. Everything from security cameras to video intercom will run smoothly with greater WiFi access.
  • Expand Work Area: Working outside on the patio or even in another building gives you the privacy you need to work more effectively. The last thing you need when working outside of the house is spotty or non-existent WiFi service.
  • Outdoor Entertaining: You and your guests can enjoy underwater pool speakers, watching a big-screen television in the backyard, or simply listening to music while lounging in the backyard. Outdoor entertainment rises to a whole new level when you have the right outdoor WiFi access point.

What Smart Home Features Does This Support?

Solid WiFi service that expands well beyond the perimeter of your home can do a lot more than provide great outdoor entertainment. An outdoor WiFi access point can help support the following smart home features.

  • Front Door Lighting: Coastal Source landscape lights at the front door and around the front of any home are smart home features many homeowners choose to install. Path lighting is another option that not only adds convenience but can make your entire outdoor decor more attractive and secure.
  • Outdoor Security: Whether you’re home or away, being able to monitor all areas of your home and yard is crucial to maintaining the safety of your family. Outdoor WiFi access can enable you to effectively manage cameras from your doors and windows out to the end of your drive.
  • Garage Door Convenience: Making sure you can open your garage easily as soon as you turn into the driveway provides peace of mind during inclement weather. It also means you can check if the door is open or shut whether you’re at home or not.
  • Lawn Devices and Cleaners: Robotic lawn mowers can save you an enormous amount of time during the summer months. Robotic pool cleaners are also great if you enjoy spending time in the pool, but not all the hassle of keeping it clean. An outdoor WiFi access point can help support these smart home features.

How Can Outdoor Access Support Electric Cars?

One of the many amazing aspects of owning a Tesla or any other electric car is that it has software that can provide continuous data connection. While maintaining a constant connection to WiFi, a Tesla will have access to periodic software updates, live traffic reports, music, video streaming, and a web browser.

Smart electric cars like Tesla need an excellent WiFi connection so they can seamlessly update at night while charging in the garage. Having a dedicated WiFi access point in the garage will make it easier to own and maintain this type of car. Owning a vehicle like Tesla is now part of the modern lifestyle, and keeping it running as you expect, depends on updating your smart home network.

How Can Lifetronic Systems Help?

It’s important to know where to install an outdoor WiFi access point to receive the best connection possible. Lifetronic Systems can provide the professional installation you need to ensure all your devices are working as effectively as possible. Is one access point enough? Where is the best possible place to install an access point? An experienced professional can answer these questions for you.

Lifetronic can provide high-end whole-home smart automation with personal attention to every detail. If you’re looking for the right outdoor WiFi access point, Lifetronic can provide cutting-edge technology and expert installation to meet your individual needs.

As the need for an outdoor WiFi access point increases, you’ll want to partner with a home networking professional with the experience and expertise to help you create the most modern and efficient smart home possible. Contact Lifetronic for more information.