The ‘Wow’ Features of the Control4 Thermostat

Control4 Thermostat

Control4 is the long-standing home automation tech giant that has infiltrated all areas of the smart home, from the way we entertain friends and families, to how we secure our homes and even home heating and cooling systems. The Control4 Wireless Thermostat is just another example of a product in their suite of smart home automation tech that is delivering convenience and innovation to homeowners.

Control4 products consistently deliver the right level of comfort in the most efficient way possible. Adding a smart thermostat to your home is one of the easiest ways to improve energy efficiency and save on monthly utility bills. You can easily adjust the thermostat levels in your home from your iPhone or iPad, so the heat or air conditioning is ideal, even when you’re not home.

Continue reading to discover some of the best features the Control4 Thermostat has to offer.

Unify your smart home

With Control4, all of your smart home devices seamlessly integrate with each other to create a comprehensive system. Easily control the lights, security, thermostat, entertainment system with a single user interface!

You’ll be happy to know that the Control4 Thermostat works on your home’s existing thermostat and heating/cooling systems; it simply gives you an easy-to-use interface to control the temperature, humidity and fan settings throughout the home, from anywhere! For extra convenience, the Control4 Thermostat also boasts Alexa compatibility.

In addition, this sophisticated thermostat integrates with most HVAC systems, no matter where you live. The updated thermostats can be fitted for geothermal, dual fuel and humidity control systems. Adding this technology to your home doesn’t mean a replacement of your current HVAC system, it’s simply an addition.

The Control4 app also lets homeowners control the heating and cooling of their home by programming preferences and schedules for the thermostat to run. For example, if you work in the office and are not home during the day, you can program the Control4 thermostat to decrease cooling efforts during the day and enable cooling just before you arrive home; this way, you are maximizing on comfort and savings by not wasting any energy expenses.

Constantly updated features

One of the biggest benefits of using integrated home devices is that software updates are constantly rolling out so you’re always using the latest technology available. The Control4 manufacturers are continuously searching to improve the product and its user interface; by being connected, improved versions of the Control4 thermostat are easily accessible without any burden or hands on user intervention.

Whole home temperature monitoring

The Control4 Thermostat is easily controlled by singularly programming its setting for the whole home, meaning that multiple thermostats located throughout your home will automatically synch. Control your setting from the screen of a tablet or controller. Once programmed, you can effortlessly monitor the climate of each heating and cooling zone and adjust as needed from the single control device.

Using a whole home system thermostat such as this allows homeowners to automatically modify indoor temperatures based on certain conditions, such as cooling the home after the sun rises or slightly increasing the temperature after sunset, whatever you prefer.

Go green by going smart

Did you know that Connecticut ranks 7th for having the highest residential electricity bills in the U.S. and costs approximately 19% more than the national average? Knowing this fact, reducing your energy consumption is a smart move as going green with smart home automation will not only help the planet but also your pocketbook.

Smart thermostats take the thinking out of controlling your home’s environment by automatically turning off or adjusting to a more energy-efficient temperature when no one is home. With the smart thermostat integration, the technology learns your routine so it can expertly optimize your home’s energy consumption; your air is cool and comfortable when you’re home and lowered when you’re away. Cooling or heating automatically kicks on in a timely manner to prepare for your arrival. Smart technology integrates with your home’s new or existing dimmers, timers and occupancy sensors to help reduce overall energy waste. Again, this is all done automatically!

Partner with a Control4 Dealer

Lifetronic Systems offers full Control4 Smart Home integration options, from setting up your devices to coordinating your applications to establishing the presets that make Smart Home living a breeze. After understanding your smart home goals during your free consultation, we create a custom home plan and budget specifically designed for your needs. If you’re ready to learn more about Control4 thermostat systems for your home, contact us here.