Bring the Indoors Out by Updating Your Outdoor Entertainment Area this Summer

Outdoor entertainment areaSummer is the best season in Connecticut to enjoy your outdoor living space. Whether you are making a few upgrades to get your space ready or redoing the entire outdoor living, if you want to enhance your space with outdoor TVs, audio, lighting and/or dependable Wi-Fi capabilities, here are our recommendations on simple ideas that can make your outdoor space one you don’t want to leave.

Outdoor Entertainment Upgrade #1: Outdoor TVs

High-quality TV viewing, no matter what the weather holds! Outdoor TVs are made for places that experience both harsh winter and summer climates, making them ideal for Connecticut homes. These outdoor entertainment systems can resist heat, humidity, rain and even snow. Electronics and the natural elements normally do not mix well together, but the latest outdoor TVs are built to withstand intense weather conditions and can even operate well above 120 and below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition, these TVs come equipped with an LED screen that resists annoying glares. Outdoor TVs absorb bright light so screen glares are reduced. Outdoor TVs are also specially equipped with a screen that is brighter than indoor TVs. Generally, there are two types of outdoor TVs: full sun which is high brightness and can be fully exposed to the elements and installed above outdoor fireplace, pool-side etc. There is also a shade TV series which should be installed under overhead like screened porch. It is not as bright and it can’t be exposed to rain or snow. Full sun is more expensive than shade series TV. We use both SunBriteTV and Seura.

Whether you’re in full sun or shade, anti-glare screen technology ensures you are able to safely and comfortably watch TV.

At Lifetronic Systems, we use SunBriteTV systems in our outdoor projects, as they are specifically designed and built for outdoor environments.

Outdoor Entertainment Upgrade #2: Outdoor Audio

During whole-home audio projects, professionals can ensure that your audio experience seamlessly flows throughout your home. This means that you can move from your kitchen, to your living room and to your outdoor entertainment area while listening to the same song without a pause.

Outdoor audio systems feature high-quality sound in a concealed design. Each audio system is meticulously wired into your space, meaning there are no visible wires or cords to be seen. Each outdoor audio project is completely customized and unique to your home. Depending on the layout of your outdoor space, we’ll either bury speakers, hide them in landscaping, or disguise them in nature.

Outdoor audio systems can also be synced to your outdoor smart TV or projection screen so you can enjoy even more fun and entertainment in your outdoor space this summer. For audio sources, we use Control4 or Sonos music streaming. For speakers, we use on-wall speakers made by Origin Acoustics, rock speakers made by Episode. For high performance outdoor audio systems we use Coastal Source speakers and subwoofers. You can find more information about our high-performance audio systems here.

Outdoor Entertainment Upgrade #3: Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can transform your outdoor entertainment area and bring it to life. At Lifetronic Systems, we partner with Coastal Source, a high-quality outdoor lighting and audio manufacturer, for our landscape lighting projects. Their products are built to withstand the elements and resist damage from outdoor irrigation systems, fertilizer, insecticides, bugs and salt spray. All of their lighting systems are 100% sealed so moisture and debris are kept out.

Outdoor lighting also provides convenience. With home automation technology, you can program your path lights to welcome you home and brighten or dim based on the time of the day. Outdoor lighting can be easily incorporated into the rest of your smart home automation system.

Lifetronic’s smart home systems aren’t limited to a certain amount of lights, which means you can go as simple or as complex as you want. Just like most of the technology in your home, outdoor lighting can also be integrated into your smart home automation system, making it easy-to-use and highly customizable.

Outdoor Entertainment Upgrade #4: Enterprise-Grade WiFi

Ensuring a speedy, reliable and secure WiFi network is key to running your outdoor entertainment systems smoothly. The good news is, you do not need a separate wireless system outside. When you partner with an experienced professional in the industry, they will install a home networking system that can be expanded to reach your outdoor space. This means that you won’t have to worry about your WiFi connection when you’re entertaining.

For indoor and outdoor WiFi projects, we partner with Ruckus Wireless. Ruckus Wireless delivers long-range, reliable WiFi connections for smart homes and businesses.

For the best results, a hard-wired system is recommended. If your home is not hard-wired, a home wireless network upgrade, including upgrading the hardware, hardwiring devices and securing their proper placement, will ensure the technology in your home is able to handle your household’s indoor and outdoor needs.

Are you ready to bring your smart home outdoors?

As with any major home upgrade, it’s important to partner with a knowledgeable, skilled professional in your area that has expertise in outdoor entertainment systems. If you’re ready to turn your backyard into a paradise for summer, please contact us today.