5 Must-Have Smart Features for Connecticut’s Luxury Homes

Connecticut luxury homes

When visiting Connecticut, it’s hard not to notice the beautiful homes. Areas like Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan and Westport all boast their own taste of elegance with excellent neighborhoods and luxury estates. If you’re involved in Real Estate, whether an architect, builder, investor or broker, how are you going to make your Connecticut luxury home the most desirable in market?


The 4 Control4 App Capabilities that Made Summer So Much Cooler

Control4 App Capabilities

In New England, we love summer. But, let’s face it: this year was a scorcher. In fact, this summer’s heat brought on some of the highest temperatures we’ve seen in years. Luckily, our smart home automation provides relief during any heatwave, with assistance from the app that controls it all: the Control4 App.


Does Smart Home Automation Increase Property Value?

House with home automation for sale


Good news, whole home automation increases both your home’s curb appeal to potential buyers and your property value. Since home automation helps you run a more efficient, cost-effective household and save on your home owner’s insurance, all while letting you enjoy a more convenient lifestyle, homeowners of all ages and demographics are willing to pay more for homes with integrated smart technologies. So whether you’re deciding to make the investment or have already invested in full home automation and the Internet of Technology (IoT) home, rest assured it is a wise and financially sound decision. (more…)

10 Tips for Using Lighting to Design Your Outdoor Space

Smart home technology and outdoor lighting design

Outdoor lighting used to mean flipping on the carport or house lights, or maybe turning on a security light on a pole. Those lights lit up the night, but in a harsh, and not always a useful or directed way. They tended to be unshielded and created a lot of unwelcome glare. But now that families are spending more time outside, and entertaining in a variety of settings, lights and the way we use them, has changed. The way we turn them on has changed too — with Lifetronic smart home technology. Lifetronic smart home technology can create a lighting mood with the touch of a finger or the preprogramming of an app. There are as many options, or more, for outdoor light settings as there are for indoor settings. But before you go shopping, it’s smart to think about what you want to get from your outdoor lighting design and what smart home technology you want to use. (more…)