Is Your Home WiFi Network Overloaded During COVID-19? Here’s What to Do

Is Your Home WiFi Network Overloaded During COVID-19?The challenges presented by COVID-19 are far-reaching, as it seems every aspect of life has been changed in one way or another. Due to mandated stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders, many households are now operating with many more occupants under one roof. And with more of our lives being lived digitally, whether it’s through working from home, gaming and streaming movies and television shows, the demand for a strong, reliable internet connection at home is higher than it was before the pandemic. As such, if this is a new situation for you and your family, you may be experiencing an entirely new set of challenges related to your WiFi connection.


4 Home Automation Ideas to Transform the Way You Live

4 Home Automation Ideas to Transform the Way You LiveHome automation has quickly evolved into one of the fastest, largest markets in technology and continues to grow. In fact, the global smart home market is expected to reach a value of more than $53 billion by 2022. As smart technology becomes more sophisticated, new trends and devices are hitting the market at rapid speed. From new entertainment devices to outdoor automation and lighting, here are the best home automation ideas to positively impact the way you live. 


Everything You Need to Know About Multi-Room Audio Systems

Multi-Room Audio Systems-lifetronicWhole-home audio systems are more than just music to a homeowner’s ears — this technology provides convenience, entertainment and functionality to any home. With these systems, you can play high-quality music from any room in your house, at the same time…this is the beauty that new home technology creates. 

Here is everything you need to know about multi-room audio systems for your home. 


Do Smart Homes Sell Faster? 6 Reasons to Make Smart Technology Upgrades to Your New Build

do smart homes sell fasterSmart homes improve the efficiency of our day to day activities, can make chores easier, and quite simply, make our time at home more enjoyable and comfortable. With all of the personal upsides, what is the tangible impact of smart technology on home value and appeal to potential buyers? Also, do these upgrades help sell a home faster?


Smart Media Room vs. Smart Home Theater: Which Room is Right for Your Home?

smart media room and smart home theater-lifetronic

Are you ready to create the ultimate entertainment room in your home? Home theaters have long been a sign of luxury living, but recently more and more homeowners are adding smart media rooms to their home. If you have the extra space, turning a room into a smart home theater or media room can be enjoyed by the entire family. Interior designers recommend using your existing living room, however many New Englanders opt to use their finished basements, as well.


What Control4 OS 3 Means for Smart Home Owners

control4 OS 3The largest Control4 update is here. The Control4 OS 3 is officially released and comes with major upgrades for an enhanced smart home experience. This new upgrade is jam-packed with more than a thousand new product upgrades, including a refined home screen, faster connectivity and new personalization capabilities. Continue reading to discover which upgrades we’re most excited about!


‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ Discover If a Cell Phone Booster is Right for Your Home or Office

Is a cell phone booster right for your home?

Dropped calls, poor call audio and painfully slow Internet: if these are common issues in your life, it may be time to turn to a networking solution called a cell phone booster (also known as an amplifier). Continue reading to learn more about this technology and if it’s a right fit for your home or office.