7 Landscape Lighting Design Examples You’ll Want to Mimic in Your Outdoor Space

Home Automated lighting in Connecticut

Lighting is often one of the last things we think about when we’re designing any space, and the space around your home is probably no different. However, when you’ve spent time, money, and energy making your landscaping and the exterior of your home beautiful, landscape lighting design should be a priority as it can greatly enhance this space for aesthetics, entertaining, security, and more. (more…)

Considerations for Choosing the Best Smart Home Alarm System

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The main reasons we as homeowners purchase alarm systems are to protect our homes and more importantly to protect our families. That’s why it is important to weigh your options as you choose an alarm system for your home — not all alarm systems are the same. In this post, we’re laying out some of the top considerations for choosing the best smart home alarm system for your family. (more…)

How to Create Your Own Oasis with an Outdoor Sound System

Outdoor Sound System in CT

Your Oasis Awaits You!

Summer weather is right around the corner. You will soon look forward to indulging in sunny days on the patio and warm evenings by the pool. Now is the time to think about creating a luxurious outdoor space where you can enjoy an outdoor sound system with friends and family.

Setting up a quality outdoor sound system involves more than bringing a few speakers outside. You’ll want to include the most advanced technology in your system without ruining your landscaping. Lifetronic Systems can help you put together a high-quality outdoor sound system that beautifully blends into your patio, backyard, or wherever you enjoy spending time during the warmer Connecticut summers.  (more…)

Mesh Wifi and Why It’s Replacing Traditional Home Wifi

Mesh Wifi

Ready to update your home with Mesh Wifi?

Move over traditional home wifi, mesh wifi is here. Traditional home wifi routers that provide a single, centralized access point for broadcasting signals are quickly becoming a thing of the past. While traditional wifi may serve your needs, a one router approach has its disadvantages, such as the inability to service all areas of a home. This challenge hinders the success of adding smart-home devices where it’s a necessity to have a WiFi system that can service all devices equally despite their locations within the home. Thankfully, WiFi Mesh Networks offer a solution to this challenge and can provide the most efficient levels of connectivity in a home or building.


3 Ways Multi-Room Audio Can Integrate with Your Smart Home System

Multi-Room Audio

Is your smart home system complete?

A multi-room audio system is an essential feature for the modern homeowner — for the person who wants to bring a new kind of comfort and convenience to their home. Multi-room audio allows you to control the speakers in each room of your house from one or multiple smart devices. This means you can have different music playing in each room of your house at any given time. With an outdoor Wi-Fi access point, extend your home’s smart capabilities into your garden. Stream from online music sources or use your own digital music library.


The Growing Need for an Outdoor WiFi Access Point

The Growing Need for an Outdoor WiFi Access Point

Imagine a gorgeous summer afternoon on the patio with family and friends.

While the kids are enjoying a movie on the outdoor big screen television, you and your friends are streaming music through outdoor speakers in strategic locations throughout your landscaping. As the sun sets, your outdoor lighting will turn on while guests listen to underwater speakers as they swim in the pool.


8 Ways to Create a Childproof Home with Smart Home Technology

childproof home with smart technology

Smart home automation can now provide you with comfort, ease and cutting-edge technology all with the touch of a button. There are several ways you can build a safe, child proof home environment while integrating everything into one savvy home tech system. The following are eight important ways today’s technology can help keep your family safe, while also enabling your home to run as efficiently as possible.


How to Improve Your Home’s Interior Design with Smart Home Lighting

Smart Home Lighting

Indoor lighting can create a unique atmosphere to your home and enhances its overall design aesthetic… when properly conceived and utilized, of course. The truth is, if you’re ignoring the lighting scheme in your home, you’re missing an opportunity to improve your space. This is why designers and architects are quickly turning to smart home lighting technology like Lutron or Control4 to implement in their projects.


The ‘Wow’ Features of the Control4 Thermostat

Control4 Thermostat

Control4 is the long-standing home automation tech giant that has infiltrated all areas of the smart home, from the way we entertain friends and families, to how we secure our homes and even home heating and cooling systems. The Control4 Wireless Thermostat is just another example of a product in their suite of smart home automation tech that is delivering convenience and innovation to homeowners.