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Create an Immersive Multi-Room Whole Home Audio Experience

A Whole Home Audio System Your Way

Imagine playing any song – loudly or softly – from any room in your house, at the same time, from one system. With a whole house audio system, Dad and Mom can be enjoying jazz in the family room while the teens are rocking in their bedrooms and the kids have the latest Disney soundtrack blazing in the playroom.

Your music, your way, is fully integrated with a Control4 or Sonos system so you can enjoy music from many sources: streaming services like Spotify, iTunes library with Apple Music, SiriusXM, or Pandora. You will be able to send music content from virtually any source – your smartphone, tablet, or computer – to any room in your house. When guests arrive, they can also stream their music throughout your home.

Popular Features of a Whole Home Automation System

Multi-room audio: The ability to play audio in multiple rooms or zones independently or synchronized. This allows you to listen to different content in different rooms or have the same music playing throughout the house.

Centralized control: A central hub or controller that manages the entire audio system. This can be a dedicated control panel, a mobile app, or even voice control through devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Source flexibility: Support for various audio sources, such as streaming services, internet radio, Bluetooth devices, CDs, vinyl records, external audio inputs, and networked media servers.

Zone control: The ability to control individual audio zones separately. You can adjust volume levels, skip tracks, or change sources for specific rooms or areas.

Amplification and speakers: Amplifiers and speakers are installed in each zone to deliver high-quality sound. The choice of speakers can vary depending on the room’s size and acoustic requirements.

Wiring options: Depending on the complexity of the home audio system, it can be wired or wireless. Wired systems often provide more reliable and higher-quality audio, while wireless systems offer greater convenience and easier installation.

Integration with smart home devices: Integration with other smart home devices allows you to control the home audio system alongside other automated features, like smart lighting and shade control, climate control or security and surveillance systems.

Streaming and network capabilities: Access to streaming services and networked audio content, enabling you to enjoy a vast library of music and podcasts from the internet.

App control and remote access: Mobile apps that let you control the audio system from your smartphone or tablet, even when you are away from home.

Mother and daughter dancing in the kitchen with home audio system
Playing music in home from your phone

Whole home audio — heard, but never seen.

Professional installation gives you the added benefit of having unobtrusive speakers placed in the walls and ceilings, perfectly tilted for optimum listening. Speakers can totally disappear, mounted on fiber panels that can be painted, papered or faux finished to become invisible. They even go outside to extend your music enjoyment to the pool, hot tub, patio, deck or gazebo.

Our whole home audio systems seamlessly blend in with your home decor to play the soundtrack for your life!

Professional Home Audio Installation in New York and Connecticut

Working with a professional home audio system installer, you’ll choose the home audio features depending on the level of sophistication you desire, your specific needs and budget.

At Lifetronic we design, install and program each whole home audio system to deliver an amazing, high-quality audio experience and bring your entertainment to life! Have questions about creating your home audio experience?

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