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Update your Home’s Infrastructure to the Latest in Secure Wireless WiFi Solutions

Why do you need a smart home retrofit?

Think of your home wiring system as the infrastructure that supports all of your technology use. Put in that perspective, you understand how critical a reliable wiring system is to support your everyday life. Modern amenities, including smart home automation, reliable and secure WiFi solutions, cell phone signal booster, climate control and more, are all powered by the cable wiring installed throughout your home. And as our homes become more tech-savvy, filled with more devices, a strong infrastructure is even more vital.

In addition, due to mandated stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders, many households are now operating with many more occupants under one roof. And with more of our lives being lived digitally, whether it’s through working from home, gaming and streaming movies and television shows, the demand for a strong, reliable internet connection at home is higher than it was before the pandemic.

Have you recently purchased a new home? Then chances are, you also inherited its existing wiring system that supports the home’s technology use. Or has it been more than five years since your home network system has been upgraded? If so, we recommend using structured wiring throughout your home, especially if you have a home full of automation technology and wireless devices to support.

As our homes become more tech-savvy, filled with more devices, a strong infrastructure is vital. This is why we recommend using structured wiring throughout your home, especially if you have a home full of automation technology and wireless devices to support.

What is Structured Wiring?

Structured wiring is the backbone for the technology use of your home and is how your whole home network operates. It includes coax, and ethernet cables which can be cat5, cat6, cat7 or even cat8 standard. A structured networking panel or an equipment rack contains cables that run through and connect to each room. These cables are known as “home runs” and facilitate the network connections throughout your home. Since they are directly connected to a centralized networking panel or equipment rack, they create a strong, reliable connection to all of your home’s devices. Structured network panels and racks come in many configurations, it just depends on the size of your home and the applications used.

Without a structured wiring system in place, you can experience less than desirable performance from your WiFi-enabled devices. This is especially important to have if you’re living in a connected smart home as it enables multiple wireless devices to be active at the same time. Without structured wiring, you may experience slow internet speeds and connectivity disruptions.

To retrofit your home with structured wiring, a comprehensive plan is created. With all the cables and connections needed to run through your home, a professionally installed structured wiring system will ensure they stay organized and easily maintained. It is a complex project. This is why it is strongly recommended to partner with a professional who is highly experienced in structured wire retrofits.

Benefits of Home Retrofits with Structured Wiring

As the use of smart technology and devices grows, so does the demand to purchase or upgrade homes that have the ability to support it. And the number of electronics and gadgets is only increasing. In fact, in 2019 Deloitte found that U.S. households owned an average of 11 connected devices, including seven with screens to view content. This number of connected devices is only expected to increase with the advent of 5G connectivity. Properly installed structured wiring provides many benefits for homeowners to enjoy, such as:

Stronger WiFi connections

A home filled with wireless and connected devices needs a network that can support them. Gaming, TV’s, intercoms, surveillance and security technology and even lighting are all powered by your network. Retrofitting your home for structured wiring will improve your network’s bandwidth so you’re able to seamlessly enjoy your modern household.

Simple to manage

Structured wiring is highly organized, so little maintenance is needed once it is installed. When you do experience a network interruption, its location can be easily identified because you can see which cable is causing the problem.

 Increase property value

Approximately 65% of U.S. homebuyers are willing to spend more on smart home technology packages. As a result, to boost profitability many architects and builders are building homes complete with structured wiring. As technology adoption continues to increase in the home, so does the need for higher internet bandwidth to enable it.

Seamless installation

Unsightly cords and wires are a thing of the past when you decide to professionally retrofit your home’s structured wiring system. All structured wiring is concealed within the walls and ceilings so it doesn’t distract from your home’s interior design and aesthetic.

Scalable solution

As technology evolves, the need for more connections in your home may also change. Fortunately, scalability is simple when it comes to structured wiring. The professional you partner with will be able to easily add new devices to your structured wiring system.

Fully maximize the capabilities of your home automation and devices by upgrading to a structured wiring system for your home.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready to receive the highest level of performance from your home’s electronic devices? We specialize in creating custom structured wiring retrofits designed specifically for your needs. Lifetronic Systems’ home network retrofit solutions improve the performance of your technology systems while maintaining the integrity of your home. Lifetronic Systems guarantees 100% fast, next-generation wireless networking both inside and out of your home. And we will never leave your home until you are 100% satisfied.


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