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Home automation lighting and shade control, better and brighter than ever!

Welcome to your world of bright possibilities and intuitive lighting. Our fully integrated home lighting automation systems and motorized window treatments create an energy-efficient, convenient and comfortable environment for you to call home.

Let’s begin in the heart-of-your-home, the kitchen, where an elegant keypad replaces your unsightly switches. Touch “Cooking” and the lights under your cabinets and over your cooktop brightly illuminate, creating a safe place to chop, dice and cook. Press “Dining” and the lights dim, producing the perfect ambiance to enjoy a meal. “Clean Up” brightly lights the kitchen, and “All Off” does exactly what it says.

Transform every corner of your home with home lighting automation

With Lifetronic’s smart home automation solutions, the possibilities are endless! If you are looking for inspiration for your home, here are some common areas where we implement home automation lighting solutions:

Whole Home: 

  • Leave the house for the day, press one button, and all lights in your home shut off. 
  • Return home at night, activate the garage door opener, and your path into the kitchen illuminates.
  • Press “Goodnight” and the lights turn off all over your home.

Living Room:

  • When your dinner guests are about to arrive, press “Entertain” and the lights dim, the fireplace ignites and the music begins to play.
  • Create lighting scenes for different activities, such as watching TV and reading. 
  • Use motion sensors to automatically turn on lights when someone enters the room.


  • Install under-cabinet lighting that you control remotely for task lighting.
  • Use smart bulbs or switches to adjust the brightness as needed for cooking, dining, or cleaning.


  • If little ones awake in the middle of the night, smart motion detectors light their way to the bathroom.
  • If a sound awakens you, press “Panic” and every light in your home goes on while flashing lights are activated outdoors.
  • Set up automated wake-up routines that gradually increase the light intensity in the morning to simulate a natural sunrise.
  • Program lights to turn off gradually at bedtime to help with sleep.


  • Install motion-activated lighting to ensure there’s adequate light when entering the bathroom at night.
  • Use color-changing lights for mood lighting in the bathtub or shower area.

Entryway, Hallways and Staircases:

  • Set up smart outdoor lighting that turns on when someone approaches the door.
  • Install motion-sensing lights to ensure safe passage without needing to flip switches

Entertainment Areas:

  • Sync lighting with your home theater system to enhance the viewing experience.
  • Create dynamic lighting effects for media rooms, game rooms, or home bars.


Lifetronics Works with Mother Nature to Save Energy

On cold days, automated shade control allows light and sunlight to penetrate your home, while in summer’s heat motorized window treatments lower to block out the sun’s rays. Home automation lighting ensures lights are turned off when rooms are unoccupied or during daylight hours, helping to reduce energy consumption

At night, motorized shades lower to conserve energy and afford privacy. The “Movie” and “Music” controls can be set to create the perfect audio, video, and lighting, including lowering the shades and closing the drapes for the perfect home theater experience. 


Home Lighting Automation Increases Security and Surveillance Protection

By implementing outdoor landscape lighting, you not only gain curb appeal, but you’re also increasing your home’s security. Motion-activated lights in the driveway and entrance areas enhance safety and convenience and when integrated with your security and surveillance system, illuminate specific areas when motion is detected. You can also use smart home automation lighting to simulate occupancy when you’re away from home to deter burglars.

Spectacular lighting, indoors and out, that’s fully integrated, smart and easy-to-use.

Lifetronic Systems also creates striking outdoor landscapes, dramatically lighting pathways and patios, pools, glittering fountains and sculptural trees and bushes. You can increase your family’s safety with timers and motion sensors that turn outdoor lights on and off 365 days of the year, adjusting to the seasons since they work on the atomic clock.

Every button you push is engraved to distinguish the lights you are turning on and the mood that will be created. Plus, each switch is backlighted in a wide range of colors and includes a dimmer to turn off the backlight if you want complete darkness. You can even control the home lighting system from a remote control, portable touch-screen, smartphone, or tablet.

Homeowners can tailor their home automation lighting solutions to their specific needs and preferences, making their living spaces more comfortable, efficient, and secure. The flexibility of these systems allows for creativity in designing lighting setups that suit different activities and moods.


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