Smart Home Energy Management

Energy Management

Managing your energy is so easy.

Tucked into your basement, right next to your electrical panel, is your energy management control, your eye into the energy efficiency of every appliance in your home.

With the swipe of your hand, you can see your kilowatt usage, your cost, and a discreet measurement of each device in your home. You’ll learn if you are generating or consuming energy and exactly how much energy each appliance is consuming daily, monthly, yearly.

Once you understand where you are using the most energy, you can make adjustments, for example, running the washer and dryer or self-cleaning oven during off-peak hours.

The sleekest way to save money.

Other ways your behind-the-scenes “butler” is working to save you money:

  • Press “Away” when you leave for work in the morning, and your heat and air conditioning is adjusted to control your energy consumption.
  • You can adjust the default setting for your lights to 90 percent. You will never notice the 10 percent drop in brightness but it’s estimated that you’ll save enough energy to reduce up to 850 pounds of carbon dioxide annually or the equivalent of not driving your car for a month!
  • A “Green” setting automatically reduces heating and air conditioning usage, turns off unnecessary lights, and reduces appliance and standby power usage.
  • Motion sensors or programmable timers can turn off lights in seldom-used rooms.
  • If an emergency calls you away from home and you didn’t set the “Away” control, no worries. Simply make the change from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

It’s the latest, cutting-edge green home technology, helping to preserve our planet – and your wallet – for future generations.

The possibilities are endless.

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