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TV installation and design like never before.

Count the TVs in your home. Now, count your cable boxes and DVRs – including the TVs you wish you had a box – and your Blu-ray DVD players, Apple TVs, Roku or Amazon Fire TV boxes. Staggering number?

Now imagine if there was a rack in your basement or mechanical room to house and organize all your TV video sources and equipment. From that rack, our HDMI matrix brings the high-definition signal upstairs to your rooms. You need only three cable boxes in the rack to distribute cable to eight, nine or even 20 TVs. In this case, something that sounds too good to be true really can be your reality.

Click on, click off.

Here’s how it works: You name your cable boxes, for example, mom’s, dad’s, kids’. When you click on a TV you choose which box you want, and presto, the shows you recorded are waiting for you. And of course, all the cable TV offerings are there, too.

It gets better.

You begin watching a Netflix movie in your home theater, start dozing, and decide to go upstairs. Once you’re comfy in bed, click on the TV and you can pick up your movie exactly where you left off. Can’t make it to the end of the movie? Click it off and continue watching it tomorrow as you’re making breakfast or working out in your home gym.

And the speakers are hidden in your walls and ceilings, out of sight but not out of mind because the sound is so superior.

Never again will you have to find a place for the cable box or Blu-ray. Never again will you have cable on only a few TVs. And never again will you have to look at a wire protruding from the back of a TV component. That’s progress!

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