Why you need Enterprise-Grade WiFi for Home Network Systems

In today’s world, home network systems must be robust, efficient and strong.

Home Network SystemsTo live a happy digital life you simply have to open your house to enterprise-grade networks that provide state-of-the-art performance, speed and coverage. In addition, they reliably support smart home systems, streaming audio/video, security and traditional data activities such as web browsing or sending and receiving emails. (more…)

Home Automation and New Construction

The smart way to build today

Builders & Architects ContractorThe age of the smart home has arrived, with projected sales of U.S. home automation equipment expected to top $5.6 million next year. The trend has been embraced by Fairfield County’s builders and architects, who recognize and use smart home technology as a powerful selling tool in their new homes and commercial buildings, one which meets the needs and demands of our area’s sophisticated residents.

The best time to prepare a house or commercial building for smart home technology is before the walls go up in new construction or before renovations begin on older buildings.