Control4 and Amazon Alexa Integration for Smart Home Voice Control

Anyone who’s tried the Amazon Echo and its voice service Alexa knows how simple and responsive its voice controls are.

Uttering simple voice commands lets you handle all sorts of tasks, from playing music from your Pandora station to getting recipes read to you as you sweat it out in the kitchen in the holiday season.

The “Skills” functionality of Alexa extends these abilities further, allowing the Echo to integrate with other technologies that extend its capabilities further. Now, Lifetronic Systems is happy to announce that the Amazon Echo is integrating with the Smart Home technology of Control4 to make your Smart Home experience easier than ever.

The Control4 Skill

With the release of OS 2.9, Control4 is offering a Smart Home Skill that allows the Echo to integrate with many of the other Smart Home Alexa technologies that you may already own, including:

  • Fire TV
  • Echo Dot
  • Tap

Control4’s Echo integration lets you control each of these with the power of your voice, giving you completely hands-free access to the Alexa technologies that you know and love. However, this is only the beginning of the functionality that Control4’s upgrade is bringing to the table.

With 2.9, every Control4-connected device supported by Amazon can be controlled with voice commands through the Amazon Echo.

The application coordinates with the voice functions of Alexa to give you absolute control over your home environment. By integrating your Smart Home with the Echo, each of your devices can be controlled completely hands-free and without the hassle of remote controls. Control4’s Skill integration with Alexa, Smart Home technology is brought to life with the power of your voice.

Voice Integration

As many Smart Home owners are aware, Control4 Smart Homes can be programmed at the touch of a button to access multiple devices simultaneously. Known as the “Scene” feature, this options allows users to coordinate multiple devices as a single unit and create presets to suit your mood.

Program your Scenes to suit your schedule, and after integration with the Control4 Skill application, you can get the party started whenever you want.

  • Use voice commands when you arrive at home to bring up the lights, raise the curtains, or start your favorite tunes
  • Adjust environmental setting when you’re hosting a party to set the mood without needing to press any buttons or keep track of remotes
  • From the comfort of your bed, power down your Smart Home each night, turn out the lights, and arm your home security system with a few basic commands

Smart Home is the lifestyle technology of the future—and Control4 Alexa integration makes this technology easier than ever. Lifetronic Systems offers full Control4 Smart Home integration options, from setting up your devices to coordinating your applications to establishing the presets that make Smart Home living a breeze.

The new possibilities that Smart Home voice integration brings to light are truly exciting. Moving forward, we expect voice integration to be only the tip of the iceberg of the value that Smart Home living can provide.