Smart Classroom Technology

Smart Classroom Technology

Smart Classroom Technology

As the education sector continues to integrate technology both in the classroom and curriculum, so does the need to use new tools to advance teaching efforts, including laptops, tablets, interactive whiteboards and other leaning technologies. Now more than ever, schools, universities and other educational institutions are turning to smart classroom technology to enhance the learning experience.

Discover how smart technology enhances the classroom experience for your school or university, and ultimately staff and students.

Enterprise-Grade WiFi Network

Tablets and laptops are becoming the preferred method of communicating and completing work; therefore, having a high-speed, reliable WiFi network is exceptionally important in most modern classrooms. A sophisticated WiFi network is vital for accessing online classroom tools for both students and teachers. This is how all WiFi-enabled devices run seamlessly throughout an entire building, without interruption or lagging.

An enterprise-grade WiFi network can be fully customized for your classroom’s unique needs. For example, content filtering technology is used to protect students from accessing inappropriate content, social networks or online games.

Whether it’s a small, private school or a large university, whole school high-performance WiFi networks can adapt and offer massive scalability. Modern networks can be installed with whatever range necessary, providing a strong network you can rely on. The systems we design contain abundant bandwidth to support simultaneous streams of audio and video without interruption.

High-Quality Intercom System

Is your school still using an outdated and unreliable intercom system? Not only is this inconvenient, but communicating via intercom may be key in an emergency situation. A high-quality intercom system creates a wireless two-way communication system between faculty members and the main office. In the event of an emergency, notifications can quickly and easily be exchanged between classrooms. This system can also replace any existing PA systems that are used during daily announcements made by administration.

If your classrooms are operating on an old-school bell system, an automated intercom system can easily replace it. Bell alerts are customized to your classroom’s schedule and can be changed if needed. Synchronized school bells can effortlessly alert faculty and students when classes are in session.

Intercoms are essential for instructing the day to day activities of your school, and advanced systems can do even more. They can cover any amount of area necessary, including multiple buildings, outdoor areas and remote areas. This is one of the many benefits of installing a wireless system versus a hard-wired system. In addition, an unlimited number of wireless intercoms can be added to your school or university at any time, so a building expansion does not turn into a headache.

Video Surveillance Cameras

Installing a professional surveillance system in any classroom-like setting is important for the safety of your students and faculty members, as well as the facility. Whether it’s a new system or upgrade, surveillance cameras can complement any existing security program.

Surveillance systems are helpful for monitoring your premises after hours when vandalism, theft or break-ins are more likely to occur. If there is an issue, your organization is immediately alerted, along with police enforcement so they can quickly intervene.

While having these systems visible on the outside of the building to avert trouble is key, the security system inside the school can be concealed. This seamless installation ensures that your school still feels like a safe place. This means that the system is also free of any unsightly wires and cameras.

State-of-the-Art Projection Screens

Projection screens create a large viewing area and help display images, video and presentations for the entire classroom to see. Besides the ease and convenience of use, there are many benefits to using state-of-the-art projection screens in the classroom. A projection screen can enhance the learning process and make lectures and presentations come alive to students. Depending on the technology that is used during the installation, students can participate in the lecture using their own tablet or laptop, making it a hands-on learning experience.

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High-quality motorized projection screens are installed into a wall or in the ceiling and then can extend or retract via remote control so they are only visible when in use. Even better, motorized projection screens are whisper quiet so they do not disturb or distract the classroom when pulled down or put away. In addition to classroom settings, motorized projection screens are also ideal for larger spaces, such as auditoriums, gymnasiums, and assembly halls.

When you partner with a professional in the industry, they will help you select the right projection screen for your needs.

Client: Adam J. Lewis Academy Bridgeport, CT

Problem: As more WiFi-enabled devices are being used in the classroom, the school’s current WiFi network was not sufficient. Students and faculty members were having issues staying connected to the internet as well as having their connection drop unexpectedly. Their current WiFi network did not extend to outside the building so WiFi devices could not be used or the signal was dropped when going from classroom to classroom. The hardwired intercom system at the school was also outdated and needed an upgrade to a wireless system.

Solution: After undergoing a consultation with the client and understanding their goals, Lifetronic Systems created a custom installation plan to include enterprise-grade, whole building WiFi and a state-of-the-art intercom system. Lifetronic Systems masterfully installed video intercoms with two outdoor stations, two indoor desktop intercoms and an enterprise-grade WiFi network to cover the entire school area.

We also installed a telephone system with a modern intercom and emergency announcement system. Front desk staff can answer calls, communicate with classroom teachers with video calls and announce emergency protocol via in-ceiling speakers right from the telephone.

The Result: Lifetronic Systems delivered an advanced WiFi and intercom system that the Bridgeport, CT school can rely on. Students and faculty are able to use their devices throughout the school, including the outdoors, without disruption. The intercom system enables the main office to effectively communicate to each classroom with ease, creating a safer environment for everyone at the school.

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