The Smart Home Solutions Forecast for 2019

Smart home solutions forecasr

Industry experts agree: the forecast for smart home solutions will exponentially grow in 2019 and become the standard for new construction in residential and commercial properties. Smart home technology is no longer a ‘‘nice to have’ feature that creates convenience in a home, it’s becoming an expected staple that promotes security in homes and safety for users.


How Séura Smart Mirrors Improve Morning Routines

The Séura Smart Mirror
Does this sound like your typical morning routine?

  • Respond to emails
  • Check the weather before getting dressed
  • Confirm appointments for the day
  • Tune into the latest current events on the news
  • Make your morning coffee

Now, imagine all of this can be accomplished without yet leaving your master bathroom! With the Séura Smart Mirror, you can do this and more.


5 Must-Have Smart Features for Connecticut’s Luxury Homes

Connecticut luxury homes

When visiting Connecticut, it’s hard not to notice the beautiful homes. Areas like Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan and Westport all boast their own taste of elegance with excellent neighborhoods and luxury estates. If you’re involved in Real Estate, whether an architect, builder, investor or broker, how are you going to make your Connecticut luxury home the most desirable in market?


The 4 Control4 App Capabilities that Made Summer So Much Cooler

Control4 App Capabilities

In New England, we love summer. But, let’s face it: this year was a scorcher. In fact, this summer’s heat brought on some of the highest temperatures we’ve seen in years. Luckily, our smart home automation provides relief during any heatwave, with assistance from the app that controls it all: the Control4 App.


Does Smart Home Automation Increase Property Value?

House with home automation for sale


Good news, whole home automation increases both your home’s curb appeal to potential buyers and your property value. Since home automation helps you run a more efficient, cost-effective household and save on your home owner’s insurance, all while letting you enjoy a more convenient lifestyle, homeowners of all ages and demographics are willing to pay more for homes with integrated smart technologies. So whether you’re deciding to make the investment or have already invested in full home automation and the Internet of Technology (IoT) home, rest assured it is a wise and financially sound decision. (more…)