Get Fast Wi-Fi for the Holidays

Give yourself the gift of amazing WiFi this holiday season! As your guests arrive and begin to overload your network with their phones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets, you need to be prepared. Here’s a quick guide to making sure your network is in tip-top shape before you begin to see the effects of slow WiFi throughout your home.

The Hardware

The number-one factor impacting your WiFi signal this season will be the hardware equipment you have installed. If you have been living with a low-grade router throughout the year, you will want to step it up a notch now. Consider options like the Pakedge RE-2 router to increase the size and sustainability of your home network, or the Ruckus ZoneFlex R310 to extend your range and increase your streaming speeds. Make sure your router or access point are centrally located so that the network serves all areas of your home equally, and make sure it is not placed too close to household appliances that could cause interference.

If you are still finding dead spots in your network, either indoors or outside, you may want to consider adding a range extender along the way. Range extenders are relatively inexpensive and can fill any gaps in coverage that may occur between floors or as you pass through walls.

The Network

If you are particular about giving out passwords to people who are coming and going, you should consider creating a guest network for your family and friends. This will allow people to connect to your WiFi short term with their own special password or no password at all. This can save you a lot of hassle and time while you are already busy preparing for the holidays.

Put It to the Test

The best way to ensure that your network is up to speed in time for your holiday guests is to test your signal strength. After you have installed your upgraded router and made any necessary guest network arrangements, you can use a free app to measure the strength of your wireless signal from room to room. This will help you identify areas where coverage is spotty, and give you time to adjust antennas, change channels and update settings.

The good news is that investing in your WiFi network today will actually pay off in the long run. Even after your guests have returned home after the holidays, your family will continue to enjoy the improved access and speed created by upgrading your equipment and optimizing your network settings.