Ring Security Systems vs. Professional Security System

July 27, 2020 | Builders & Architects, Connecticut Luxury Homes, Control4, Enterprise-Grade WiFi, Home Automation, Surveillance & Security

Choosing the right home surveillance and security system to keep your family safe is an important decision. With newer options on the market, such as the Ring alarm security system that boasts no contract and affordability, you may be wondering if this is the best option for your needs versus a professional security system installation. In short, it really depends on your goals to whether a Ring camera system versus a professional security system is better to use in your home. Continue reading to learn the pros and cons of Ring camera systems vs. professional security systems.

Ring System

The Ring system is a DIY approach to securing your home and is available for purchase at the more common electronic and home improvement big box stores. If you’re on a budget, this system may be the first option that comes to your mind. Like other professional options, the Ring app integrates with your smartphone so you can receive real-time information on your home. For example, if someone triggers the motion detection at your front door, you’ll be alerted via the Ring mobile app.

The Ring features a neighborhood video-sharing program that allows you to connect with others in your community and get real-time crime and safety alerts.

There are different add-ons for the Ring camera system, including a 24/7 professional monitoring system called “Ring Protect Plus.” If a security issue is monitored, such as break-ins, burglaries or if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, authorities are automatically called. If you do not pay for this add-on, the burden of monitoring your home security and calling authorities if danger is detected is up to you.

At Lifetronic Systems, we offer floodlight camera, spotlight camera, and video doorbell installations (we do not offer Ring fire or burglar alarm system installations).

Professional Security System

Professional security systems are tailored to your specific needs and are available with all types of security functions, including burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, medical alert and flooding alarms and camera surveillance. They are not an “out of the box” solution like the Ring system. After the initial consultation, your security system expert will create a plan that is unique to your home to guarantee its 24/7/365 protection. Having a security system professionally installed also means that it can be seamlessly integrated into your smart home hub, taking your smart home to a whole new level of security. We usually hard-wire our professional systems to maximize safety and reliability vs Ring that relies on home WiFi.

While the initial investment of a professionally installed security system may be more than a DIY option, such as the Ring, it is money well spent, as securing your home not only delivers a peaceful mind but also effectively protects your valuables.

Ring Alarm System vs. Professional Security System

SafeWise rates Ring alarm security with 3.3/5 stars. The bottom line, while Ring has perks, such as being budget-friendly and easy scalability, it comes with a few not-so-great features, including being difficult to reset and not enough sensors available for large homes in its starting package. A big advantage of a professional camera system is that it records on your NVR (network video recorder) in the house and you own all of your recordings. Whereas Ring records on their cloud server and you can’t be sure who is looking at it. You can access the recordings as long as you pay for Ring Protect Plan. The following is a breakdown of the pros and cons of the Ring alarm system versus a professional security system.

1. Professional Installation

For homeowners who do not consider themselves tech-savvy, avid “DIYers” or simply do not want to be bothered, this may be an important factor in deciding which system is right for you. Unlike with Ring setup, trained technicians will assure that your professional security system is installed correctly and is working properly. While the Ring comes with manuals and a support phone number to call in case you run into difficulty, installing it is not easy for everyone. You still need to have some level of technical knowledge to properly install it and ensure it is accurately functioning. The installation process can become even more challenging if you’re dealing with wired systems vs. a wireless system. However, there are products out there, such as the Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit, that allows you to do this.

2. Customization

Going with a DIY system that is not customized to your home can have a price of its own. Depending on the square footage of your home, you may need to order a larger size Ring Alarm Security Kit that can provide coverage to the entire home. However, with a professional security system, your technician is capable of installing sensors for every door and window you want protected, no matter how many or how little.

Professional security systems are always customized to the homeowner. For example, if you have children living in the home, you may want to consider adding video intercoms and security webcams to your home. Security webcams keep an eye on your children when you are away from home. When you’re busy making dinner, you can watch your children playing in another room or the baby sleeping in the nursery on the video intercom system. It can also broadcast warnings throughout the house. These features are all upgrades that you will discuss during the consultation process.

3. Home Automation Integration

Surveillance and security also encompass smart homes. Other than lighting automation, Ring has limited features that integrate into your existing smart home. With Ring, you can automate your home’s lighting so lights can be turned on and off while you’re away. Smart lighting can also be programmed to turn on when motion is detected. In addition, Ring is owned by Amazon and works seamlessly with Alexa. That is really the extent of the Ring’s integration to your existing smart home.

On the other hand, a professionally installed security and surveillance system will integrate with your home more extensively. Fire and burglar alarms, locks and lights are fully connected into the brain of your tech-savvy home, like Control4 system. With smart home automation, homeowners can set televisions, lights and audio to turn on/off at programmable times. You can even set timers so it’s different every day, ensuring potential burglars will not pick up on any pattern. This level of automation creates an at-home ambiance that packs a bigger punch when it comes to warding off burglars.

4. Off-Premise Security Access Control

Both Ring and professionally installed security systems can be remotely controlled, which is a definite benefit when it comes to securing your home while you’re away. With remote access control, you can check on your home via smartphone app no matter where you are. With a professional security system, if your home is breached, you and the authorities are immediately notified. Ring does have a third-party monitoring system you can upgrade to for an additional monthly cost, but it does not come standard. Having a professional monitoring system for your home is highly recommended, as they are always prepared to call the authorities no matter the time of day and/or your whereabouts when away from home.

At Lifetronic Systems, we create a custom plan that is right for you and your family. After understanding your home security goals during your free consultation, we create a custom home plan and budget specifically designed for your needs.

If you’re ready to learn more about professional security and surveillance systems, contact us here.




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