Connecticut Smart Home Trends to Consider Adding to Your Home

November 17, 2022 | Home Automation

The smart home concept has changed significantly over the years. It has moved beyond smart home light bulbs and door locks to include more holistic features that work together to power your home. If you’re in Connecticut and want to push your smart home to new levels, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll love these innovative smart home trends, from ways to make your home healthier and more secure to new entertainment options. They are ideally suited for those who live in New England.

Smart thermostats

New England is home to a climate that experiences a wide range of temperatures. Whether dealing with falling January temperatures or hot summer days, warming and cooling your home is essential for maximizing indoor comfort. Automated smart thermostats have many advantages. These multifunction devices can help lower your energy costs by automatically adjusting to a more energy-efficient temperature when no one is at home or lowering or raising automated window drapes, depending on what’s happening outside.

Smart thermostats can also work with other smart home devices like overhead fans and smart plugs for additional energy efficiency.

Better home health

During COVID-19, most folks were forced to stay indoors for longer hours than ever before due to working from home or during the lockdown. This life change led to the popularity of health-based smart home products. Today, for example, you can find products like smart air purifiers and humidity sensors that help with home air quality and smart water filtration systems that help with overall health. There has also been a rising need for intelligent workout technology like the Mirror, incline trainers, and hydro rowers.

Innovative theaters and outdoor entertainment systems

Life isn’t just about lowering energy costs and getting into shape. For the most up-to-date smart home, many are turning to new home entertainment options. For those long, chilly New England nights, for example, there’s nothing better than sitting by a fireplace watching your favorite films or TV shows.

If ambiance is what you’re after, you can set up your smart theater so that the push of one button will automatically turn on that fireplace while dimming the lights.

It’s not always cold in Connecticut, of course. So consider installing an intelligent outdoor audio system or television during warmer months. The former lets you listen to music outside your home in spring, summer, and fall without moving a speaker back and forth. The latter smart devices are growing in popularity as technology has improved. Today’s outdoor TVs are designed to withstand various temperatures and harsh weather conditions, so you don’t need to break your back and bring them inside.

Artificial intelligence

Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri have matured significantly in recent years. They’re now equipped with artificial intelligence, so they understand commands much better and can learn about their surroundings to create an even better home experience.

Perhaps the best part about voice assistants? Their reach in the home has expanded beyond smart speakers, with them now being found in smart televisions, appliances, and more.

Smarter lighting

It wasn’t that long ago when having a smart bulb meant being able to turn on your living room lights (in any color) with your smartphone. However, smart lighting has matured in significant ways. For example, in kitchens, you can combine sensors with smart lights so that cabinets get brighter automatically when they are opened, or overhead lights turn on whenever you’re using the stove or chopping vegetables on the counter.

Security upgrades

The concept of a smart home has undoubtedly grown over the years. However, none of what was mentioned above works well if your home doesn’t have a functional smart home security system.

Today, tools like cameras, alarms, and smart sensors are more interconnected and accessible from anywhere on the planet. Therefore, your house, belongings, and loved ones are protected even when you’re not home.

What can Lifetronic Systems do for you

We understand that no two homes are alike, so we are experts at creating a carefree, convenient, and safe living that matches your goals and budget.

Our smart home designs are fully scalable, allowing you to add different components at different times. This year, for example, might be the time to add a new smart heating system to help lower rising energy costs, while next year, your attention might move to a smart entertainment system, inside or out. Still, you might finally get your media room and all its tech a year later. Regardless, we’re here to help and ensure everything is integrated. So contact us today to see what we can do for you and your family.




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