3 Ways Multi-Room Audio Can Integrate with Your Smart Home System

Multi-Room Audio

Is your smart home system complete?

A multi-room audio system is an essential feature for the modern homeowner — for the person who wants to bring a new kind of comfort and convenience to their home. Multi-room audio allows you to control the speakers in each room of your house from one or multiple smart devices. This means you can have different music playing in each room of your house at any given time. With an outdoor Wi-Fi access point, extend your home’s smart capabilities into your garden. Stream from online music sources or use your own digital music library.

A multi-room audio system can also make your smart home even smarter. In conjunction with an outdoor Wi-Fi access point, use it to enhance home security, practicality, and to control the ambiance of your home and garden.

4 Key Components of a Multi-Room Audio System

A multi-room audio system is composed of four parts: Wi-Fi speakers, a home automation system, a wireless controller or device, and a Wi-Fi internet connection. 

#1: Speakers

Identify the areas of your property that you want to be connected to the audio system. For those summer pool parties or weekend barbecues, you’ll want to consider an outdoor Wi-Fi access point to control your outdoor speakers. 

Connect your existing speakers to your multi-room audio system if they have Wi-Fi capabilities. If not, you’ll need to purchase new ones. See Consumer Reports’ best wireless speakers of 2022. It is best to stick with one brand if possible. Choose speakers adapted to each space to create the best sound for each room.

#2: Home automation system

The home automation system connects your speakers to your smart device. You can use a generic application such as Nest or Alexa, or a professional system such as Control4, which is highly recommended. Unlike out-of-the-box solutions, professional systems are customized to your wants and needs for home automation. In addition, generic applications use your internet connection to communicate with the components of your smart house system, thus slowing its performance. A professional automation system operates as a whole, communicating locally and without slowing your internet connection.

If you have a smart home, then you’ll already have a home automation system in place. If not, check out the differences in the top competitors to find the right one for you. 

#3: Wireless Controller

You can control the speakers in each room of your house from one or multiple smart devices. Devices can include your smartphone, an iPad, touch panel, or wireless remote. Often your device can be voice or touch-activated.

#4: Wi-Fi System

Your multi-room audio system requires a strong Wi-Fi connection. Make sure your connection reaches all speakers both inside and outside of the house. Set up an outdoor Wi-Fi access point to ensure effective communication to your outdoor speakers and other smart devices. Tesla drivers will benefit from an outdoor Wi-Fi access point to keep the car up to date on any applications and real-time traffic reports.

Integrating into the Smart Home System

A multi-room audio system isn’t just about music. It will integrate with your smart house functions to increase your home’s comfort, practicality, and security.


Connect your audio system to your calendar to receive reminders for important events and meetings. Connect to your alarm to help you wake up with the music of your choice. You can even connect to your smart oven and receive reminders when you’re cooking. Add and take away functions from your multi-room audio system as you see fit to adapt it to your lifestyle. 


Sound is an important factor in providing audible comfort in your home space. Use your system to create the ambiance you want in your home and to set the flow of your day. Wake up to your favorite music, enjoy breakfast while listening to your daily news, and come home to whatever your favorite tune is at any given time. Pair your music with ambiance lighting for special events and entertainment purposes. Installing an outdoor Wi-Fi access point will bring audible comfort outside of your home as well. 


Your security features can benefit from a multi-room audio system as well. Playing music or the radio will provide an audible presence while you’re away. With an outdoor Wi-Fi access point, you can trigger loud music outside on your outdoor speakers to scare away intruders or notify neighbors in the event of an emergency.

How to integrate the system in your house

Bill Gates is now known for his pool that has a luxury underwater sound system that plays music while he takes a dip. Mark Zuckerberg uses his multi-room audio system as part of his smart home’s personal assistant, whom he calls “Jarvis.” He can control all of the functions of his house by commanding his assistant to take care of it. 

If you are having your dream house built, consider asking your architect about having smart options built into the wall. The best multi-room audio system will be wired directly in place, with speakers and control panels that are built into the walls of each room. 

If you have a sizeable house, a large family, or love to entertain guests, there is an answer to all of your musical needs. Whether it be to relax or to entertain, or to upgrade the potential of your smart home, the multi-room audio system may be for you. With an outdoor Wi-Fi access point, you can extend your smart home’s capabilities all the way to your garden and garage. Partner with an in-home audio solutions company to find the best fit for you. Lifetronic provides high-end, whole home, smart automation. Contact us today to get started and explore new options for your home.