7 Tell-Tale Signs You Need a Home Wireless Network Upgrade

Wireless home network upgrade - is your home ready?When was the last time you upgraded your home wireless network? If you’re scratching your head at this question, we may be able to help.

Most homeowners don’t think of upgrading or replacing their current home network system until it starts acting up..but this could be foolish. Up until your system crashes, you’ll be dealing with Internet lags, outages, dead zones and even possible security threats. This is simply unacceptable (as well as frustrating!)

If you’re a homeowner, here are the 7 tell-tale signs that you need a wireless network upgrade.

Tell-Tale Sign #1: Dropped Wi-Fi Connections

As you know, we’re a fan of home automation devices. However, adding new devices can overwhelm older networks that were set up for a ‘pre-automated’ household. Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as smart thermostats, lighting and home security can create a bottleneck for your Internet connection if not properly installed.

Homeowners: Adding Wi-Fi connected devices should not cause your Internet to drop…if this is happening, it’s time for an upgrade!

Tell-Tale Sign #2: Unbearable Lagging & Slow Internet Speed

Does your smartphone, computer or other WiFi-enabled device appear to have a full WiFi signal but the Internet connection is still slow? Increasing your Wi-Fi connected devices should not impact Internet speed; that is, if you have the proper home network installed.

With the appropriate home network, websites should instantly respond on every device in your home, including your desktop, tablet, smart home and laptop. If you’re experiencing slow loading times throughout your home, your network is likely overcrowded with devices.

Tell-Tale Sign #3: Caution…Dead Zones Ahead

Have you ever walked into a certain room in your home and suddenly an important phone or Skype call is dropped? This is known as the dreaded dead zone..enter at your own risk!

If you have a network that doesn’t extend to all four corners of your home, it’s time for an upgrade. Your home’s WiFi system should have a seamless connection between WiFi access points and allow you to move from room to room without any loss of speed or signal.

Ready for a wireless home network upgrade?

Wi-Fi runs off of radio waves. This means, that if your router is placed in a corner of your home, these waves may not be able to be reached at the other end, causing spotty Internet service. If the router is located in a central area in your home and still producing sub-par connection, you may be dealing with an outdated router that simply doesn’t have the power to fully encapsulate your home.

Tell-Tale Sign #4: It’s Been More Than 5 Years Since Your Last Network Upgrade

Technology is constantly advancing. Upgrading your home’s router every five years ensures your home is on the newest standard of speed and connectivity. Don’t forget to take into consideration the actual age of the router and its model. If you purchased the router three years ago, but it’s of an older model, you run the risk of using an outdated device for your home.

Not to worry. Our enterprise-grade systems are built to last for years and include lengthy warranties that guarantee your network will run smoothly.

Tell-Tale Sign #5: You Took the DIY Approach

This technical set up is best left to the hands of a professional. When homeowners go the DIY route, problems may occur. At Lifetronic Systems, every home network installation is custom and dependent on the home you live in (square footage, multiple floors, room layouts, etc.), the number of devices connected to the Internet and the amount of coverage needed. A custom home technology expert takes this into consideration when delivering the home network plan that’s right for you and your family’s needs.

Tell-Tale Sign #6: Security Issues

Your home network security should always be an utmost concern. In recent years, cybersecurity breaches in home and business have increased in frequency, as well as severity. To ensure network protection, we build Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and firewalls that protect your network from incoming threats. We use encryption for all administrative traffic (HTTPS, SFTP and SSH) and IP access controls for network security.

If your home is not currently on a secure network, your family’s personal information is at risk…and an upgrade may be necessary.

Tell-Tale Sign #7: Your Internet Features Unfiltered Content

The Internet is R-rated, but we can make it PG!

Nowadays, children love watching their favorite cartoons and YouTube videos on tablets. But how safe are they? If you have small children,  online security is a constant concern. With our custom home network systems, we can filter adult content and violence and control access to specific websites (YouTube, social media channels, etc.) We can also schedule Internet access for your children; for example, their devices can be set to turn off from 9 PM until 6 AM. For website filtering and parental control systems, we partner with Router Limits to ensure sweet dreams for the entire family.  

The Whole Home Networking Solution

The number-one factor that impacts your WiFi signal is the hardware equipment installed. We at Lifetronic Systems, hardwire as many devices as possible: TVs, Apple TV, Roku and gaming consoles like Xbox or Playstation. Hardwiring each access point on “fixed” devices relieves the WiFi network, which then can be used for only mobile devices. Cat6 wireless routers are what we use in our installations; these are the most professional and reliable way to set up your wireless network.

Ready for a Home Network Upgrade?

If the above issues arise in your home, it may be time to upgrade to a whole home wireless network. These systems provide better WiFi range through your entire home and deliver fast connectivity.

Lifetronic Systems specializes in developing super-fast home networks. To power all of your smart home automation devices, we create a behind-the-scenes communication center that enables ALL of your devices to work fast and flawlessly.

If you’re ready to learn more about a wireless network upgrade for your home, contact us here.