How Séura Smart Mirrors Improve Morning Routines

The Séura Smart Mirror
Does this sound like your typical morning routine?

  • Respond to emails
  • Check the weather before getting dressed
  • Confirm appointments for the day
  • Tune into the latest current events on the news
  • Make your morning coffee

Now, imagine all of this can be accomplished without yet leaving your master bathroom! With the Séura Smart Mirror, you can do this and more.

What is a Séura Smart Mirror?

The Séura Smart Mirror was created in response to a very specific need. Séura Co-founder and COO, Tim Gilbertson, states that it was a Houzz survey that actually sparked the smart mirror product. “A 2016 study of bathroom trends by Houzz reported that nearly 60% of people are now bringing smartphones into their bathroom in an effort to stay connected,” he says. “We designed this product to deliver the same benefits smartphones provide in a better way, with the convenience of curated information, and a larger and well-placed display with both touch and voice control.”

This product is a prime example of luxury technology and smart design that creates a seamless look. It’s no wonder it was named Best Smart Home Product of 2018.

This ‘magic mirror’ features a personalized home screen that is transposed onto your bathroom mirror. When the app is not being used, it’s completely out of sight and leaves behind your functional bathroom mirror. However, when it’s on, the magic really happens!

Séura Smart Mirror Features

Think of this product as another smart device that is seamless to your home. With a simple voice command, you can play music, order a product off Amazon or write an email. Chances are, you’ve already used your phone or tablet to do these things in the bathroom. Installing a smart mirror is another way to stay connected without risking any water damage to your phone.

Personalized Content Just for You

Start off your mornings with content that’s important you. Your personalized display is filled with all of your selected settings and apps. It can be loaded with features. This smart technology senses you’re awake and chimes a “Good Morning” to you, while it delivers your latest social media posts, news alerts, and weather updates. Basically, it can replace your morning smart device ritual.

The Séura Smart Mirror is hands-free and voice-activated, making it ideal for a bathroom environment. It can also be used as a touchscreen, depending on your preference. Its user interface is completely customizable – you can make the display as large as you’d like, change its brightness and even add a frame of your choosing.

Full Smart Home Integration

The Séura Smart Mirror is fully integrated into the rest of your smart home and connects seamlessly.

Checking on the children, turning on your coffee machine and opening the shades are all morning rituals that can be done in one room: your bathroom. Your bathroom is where you start and end each day. It only makes sense that you’re able to control your smart home here.

Smart TV, Anyone?

The Séura Smart Mirror is not just great for productivity, it’s also perfect for relaxing. The display is multi-functional and serves as a TV — one that requires zero unsightly wires.

Imagine getting home from a long day of work and hitting your spa for a relaxing bath…unwind by putting on your favorite TV show on the Séura Smart Mirror and you’re set!


Listen to your favorite music in the morning to get energized for the day.

Program soothing music to play when you’re in the shower or winding down after a long day of work.

Listen to your favorite podcast while you’re soaking in the tub.

The Séura Smart Mirror makes this possible. It connects to your mobile device through Bluetooth, so you can play your own audio.

Home Resale and Smart Homes

Are you looking to maximize the return-on-investment of your home?

HGTV says that a minor update to your bathroom is the number one home improvement upgrade to make if you’re looking to increase resale, with an average return of 102 percent! More and more homeowners are demanding smart features — make your home stand out on the market with a smart upgrade. Home flippers, this is the one fixture that can put your home’s listing above the pack!

Are You Ready to Make Your Bathroom Smart?

Stay connected and create a morning and evening routine that maximizes your time with the Séura Smart Mirror. At Lifetronic Systems, we pride ourselves on creating a custom solution that’s right for you. If you’re ready to learn more about smart automation for your home, contact us today.