Everything You Need to Know About Multi-Room Audio Systems

Multi-Room Audio Systems-lifetronicWhole-home audio systems are more than just music to a homeowner’s ears — this technology provides convenience, entertainment and functionality to any home. With these systems, you can play high-quality music from any room in your house, at the same time…this is the beauty that new home technology creates. 

Here is everything you need to know about multi-room audio systems for your home. 

What is Multi-Room Audio? 

Simply stated, multi-room audio means that one or more rooms in a home are equipped with an audio system that is controlled from one wireless source, or hub. These devices require an app and Bluetooth or WiFi connection to function. Typically, professional audio installations of whole home audio are superior to stand-alone speakers due to their wireless technology functionality and placement in your home, providing phenomenal quality sound. 

There are many top brands that offer high-quality audio systems, including Sonos, Control4, Savant, Stealth Acoustics Episode Speakers and more.  

This technology is typically installed by a professional so that it is connected to the rest of the smart home. This integration provides homeowners with different audio options in each room or the same audio in all rooms. Multi-room audio also has outdoor capabilities, which makes entertaining in those unbeatable New England summer and fall months that much more enjoyable.  

How Is It Installed? 

Another reason why homeowners love this technology is for its ability to be unseen in the home. A multi-room audio installation is typically comprised of wireless speakers so no ‘re-wiring’ is needed. Having enough space for installment is not an issue because it is all done within your walls and ceiling, so it does not add any clutter to the home or distractions in your decor 

During the professional installment, unobtrusive speakers are concealed in the walls and ceilings and are perfectly fitted for optimum sound. This means that the speakers are not visible and no unsightly cords, outlets or wires are present. The speakers are mounted on fiber panels which can be painted or faux-finished to blend in seamlessly. 

An important part of an effective system design is speaker placement. A specialist will create a custom plan for your home to meticulously select where these speakers are hidden so an even sound is always delivered.   

How Do You Control It? 

Technology should never be complex to use…and a professionally installed multi-room audio system is no different. No matter where you prefer to listen to your music, whether it’s on the patio, in the shower or while you’re getting ready for work in the morning, it can all be easily controlled. With just a few clicks or voice commands, listeners have total control of all the home’s audio.  

When outfitting homes with multi-room audio, there are many high-quality systems to consider, some coming with their own control app. One of the leading brands we choose for our projects is Control4. With Control4, your interaction with the sound of music is not only crisp and pure, but it is also visually stunning. Album cover art is boldly displayed on the Control4 interface so it’s easy to locate your favorite artists and tracks on your smartphone, touch screen or TV. Smart devices, such as Alexa and Google Assistant, can also control your multi-room audio system. 

The preferred app you choose for your system controls which rooms have audio and which do not. This means that you get to unwind while cooking dinner and listening to your favorite podcast while your kids play in the other room listening to their preferred tunes. It really is a great feature for a family that has different tastes and preferences (no fighting over the remote control!)

Is It Connected to Other Smart Home Devices?  

Having the capability to stream music through popular services, such as Pandora, TIDAL, Deezer, Spotify, Rhapsody, TuneIn and iTunes, anywhere in the home, controlled from anywhere, is one of the biggest draws of installing a multi-room audio system. Of course, you can also play your own music from locally stored files that are downloaded to the app. 

Multi-room audio technology connects with the rest of your whole smart home system. Think of it as another spoke in the smart home hub. By integrating with the rest of your home automation, you can even program the music to sync with your lighting, smart shades and other devices. 

How Do I Add Multi-Room Audio to My Home? 

Ready to enhance your home with a multi-room audio system? Choosing the specialist that’s right for your project is the first step. Lifetronic Systems, Newport, CT, will work with you from concept to completion. Contact us today to set up a free consultation in your home or business.