What You Need to Know About the New WiFi 6 Solution

What You Need to Know About the New WiFi 6 Solution

More households than ever before are using the internet in their daily functions, whether it’s video conferencing for work or school, streaming and/or gaming, there is a high demand for a reliable, fast internet connection. It’s no surprise that Internet usage in the U.S. has increased by more than 200% from 2000 to 2020, which is the push behind a new upgrade to WiFi that’s delivering a faster, more reliable internet connection and revolutionizing people’s everyday lives.

The highly anticipated WiFi 6 solution is here! This upgraded WiFi technology promises to create a more user-friendly internet environment, supporting more internet users at higher speeds. Discover why the WiFi 6 solution is generating a buzz and if it’s right for your home network.

What is the WiFi 6 Solution?

The WiFi 6 solution is the newest version of wireless internet to hit the market. WiFi 6 works by transmitting internet bandwidth more quickly and efficiently while using less energy. The result: more information can be transferred to more devices simultaneously. If you are in a household that has numerous smart devices being used concurrently, this may be the solution you are looking for. The next-generation WiFi 6 solution (also called 802.11ax) will also make your internet connection reliable for more users.

Just how fast is WiFi 6, exactly? While it’s still being tested and evaluated for speed, many experts agree that the WiFi 6 has maximum speeds of up to 10 Gbps and is approximately 30% faster than its predecessor, the WiFi 5.

How Do I Get WiFi 6 in My Home?

More employees are working from home than ever before. In addition to distance or hybrid learning, your household’s network may be maxed out by the increase in users, delivering an unreliable, spotty internet connection that is beyond frustrating.

Fortunately, WiFi 6 can deliver a reliable internet connection to more users, making this frustration a thing of the past. To access WiFi 6, your home must have a WiFi 6 router or WiFi 6 wireless access points. Major technology brands like Cisco, Ubiquiti, Netgear or Ruckus Wireless create WiFi 6 routers. The good news is that these components are considered “backward compatible,” meaning your older devices will still work, their internet speed will just not be impacted. It’s important to note that simply installing a WiFi router for your home will not magically increase internet speeds or your service. Just know that they will not reap the benefits of having faster connectivity and range.

What Gadgets Support WiFi 6?

The demand for the internet is growing by leaps and bounds. The average number of internet-enabled devices per household is forecasted to increase; in fact, a new study found that the average number of devices will grow from 12 to 20 by 2025. As new technology continues to emerge, the need for faster internet connectivity will as well.

Many tech companies are embracing the new WiFi 6; for example, the iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy Note now support WiFi 6. We can assume that future laptops, smart home gadgets and devices will support WiFi 6 as it becomes more mainstream.

Another benefit of WiFi 6 is that it works ideally with smart home technology. As more devices are added to the “internet of things” in your home, the internet will require a capable network infrastructure that can support all of these devices. Low power improvements found in WiFi 6 offer enhancements to the way your smart home devices communicate. You see, updates in the target wake time enable access points in your connected devices to seamlessly connect. This allows connected smart home technology to conserve energy and preserve battery life. In turn, WiFi 6 can support more devices and allow them to communicate simultaneously in the home.

High-trafficked areas, such as airports and stadiums, are likely to upgrade to WiFi 6, as more people can efficiently access the internet at once.

Want to Learn More?

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