Your Commonly Asked Outdoor Automation Questions – Answered!

Outdoor automation on rooftop with pool

The official start to Summer is just a short while away, and we’re betting you’re itching to get outside. Meals al fresco, pool parties, and drinks on the patio – just a few of the major benefits to nice weather.

On those perfect Summer days, most of us want to be outside at all times. That’s exactly why outdoor automation has become so popular. With advances in technology, you can have incredible quality music, access to the Internet, beautiful lighting, and even televisions so you can watch all of your favorite shows and host movie nights outdoors.

The best part is that your outdoor world will be controlled seamlessly. There’s no wires, obvious speakers, or multiple remotes for control. Instead, you can control everything you have by one keypad, or simply, right from your phone.

Outdoor automation is new(er) to most, so we wanted to answer the most frequently asked questions we receive to help you prepare for the next step.

What outdoor automation options do I have?

We touched on this briefly above – lighting, television, wireless networking, and audio – but let’s dig a bit deeper so you fully understand all of your options.

Audio – Bringing high quality sound outside is what most people think of when they think of outdoor automation. And that’s because it offers such an amazing experience. There are multiple options for outdoor audio, which we’ll go over later in this article.

Lighting – Outdoor lighting is for enjoyment, convenience and safety. You can illuminate your back patio to make it glow, light up the walkway so you feel safer arriving home at night, and control everything from a keypad or phone.

Television – Watching TV outside… need we say more? By bringing a TV outside, you can fully immerse in outside living. Host sporting games and watch your favorite movies understand the stars.

Wireless Networking – If you’re going to add outdoor automation to your home, you need a reliable wireless network – it’s the backbone of your system. Regular household wireless just isn’t going to cut it.

What is the best outdoor audio solution?

There are many solutions for outdoor audio, but the solution that is most reliable with the highest quality sound is called a permanent landscape solution. This type of solution typically uses satellite speakers or subwoofers underground to create an amazing outdoor experience – beautiful sound wherever and whenever you want it. Landscape solutions have many speaker options, which brings us to our next question –

What style speakers are available?

There are numerous styles available, all which depend on what you’re looking for at your home.

Rock style speakers – These types of speakers are used when homeowners are looking for a discreet solution. Rock speakers can be placed on grass, in mulch, on concrete, or any surface you’d like. They are made to look like rocks, so they easily blend into the existing landscape.

Planter style speakers –  Very similar to rock style speakers, but are instead made to look like planters. Again, these speakers easily blend into landscape and deliver incredible sound.

Mounted speakers –  Mounting speakers is always an option. They might be a bit more noticeable than the other options, but they still look chic and deliver incredibly high-quality sound.

Landscape system – Small satellite speakers and subwoofers can be strategically placed around your yard. These types of speakers can be hidden, so you guests will wonder where that amazing sound is coming from.

Are outdoor televisions weather proof?

Thinking of leaving your indoor television outside might be a scary thought, but that’s not the case for outdoor TV’s! They are sheathed in weatherproof cases and built to withstand temperatures from -30 degrees to 140 degrees. You don’t have to worry about the sun shining too brightly either and messing up your picture – outdoor televisions provide a bright, vivid picture in any light.

Do I need a separate wireless system outside?

No! Your inside home networking system can be expanded to reach outside, so that you have reliable access where you go. If you add any home automation in your home, you honestly needed a hardwired system for the best results. With a professional system, websites will instantly respond on any device you use, transitions will be seamless even when you bring your work from your home office outside to the pool, and you’ll enjoy functioning network harmony in (and outside of your home) 24/7. Say goodbye to inconsistent and unreliable WiFi – all through one home networking system, for both outside and inside.

Is outdoor lighting easily controllable?

Yes! Just as indoor lighting controls can be programmed and controlled easily, outdoor lights can as well. This especially comes to good use in terms of safety – being able to put your outdoor (and indoor!) lights on from the car makes it much more comfortable to arrive home alone at night. You can also set your outdoor lights on a timer, so that someone appears to be at home, even when you’re on vacation.

Outdoor lighting also has the power to set a vibe or mood. Beautifully dimmed lights are a great addition to any cocktail party. Hosting a kid’s birthday? You can use different colored bulbs to bring in the fun. There are many options for outdoor lighting based on your wants for function and aesthetic – and all easily controllable through a keypad or phone.

We hope this list of commonly asked questions helps you prepare for the next step in your outdoor automation process. If you’re ready to turn your backyard into a paradise for Summer, feel free to reach out at any time. Not quite ready to move forward yet? Download our smart home solutions guide to learn more.

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