6 Reasons We Love Wireless Intercoms for Home Automation

Wireless Intercoms for Home Automation Smart home intercoms offer dramatically more features than traditional intercom systems. Although wireless home intercoms have been around for decades, emerging technology has taken them to a whole new level of functionality and prestige.

Besides allowing you to easily connect with your family members from any part of the house, there are many other features that make this system a necessity for any modern Connecticut home. Here are our top six reasons why we love the wireless intercom for home automation.

Reason #1: Wireless Intercoms Create a Way to Conveniently Communicate

Need something from upstairs or in another room? Want to call your family in the dining room for dinner without screaming across the home? Just say it – microphones in your wireless intercom system are sensitive, members in your household can hear and answer you without having to get up and speak into the device. This is a particularly desirable feature if you live in a larger home with children, the elderly or someone who is disabled.

With the wireless intercom’s video functionality, you can easily leave a voicemail or video message to your loved ones before leaving the home. This is useful for those who travel and want to leave special instructions, a sweet message or a kind reminder.

Reason #2: Wireless Intercoms Create a Safer Home

Any parent with small children in the home will really enjoy this product. An extra set of eyes and ears can be priceless, especially with toddlers. A wireless intercom system can easily monitor other parts of your home; for example, monitor the sounds of the baby sleeping or children playing in their room. Think of the wireless intercom as the ‘eye in the sky.’ With this feature, you can choose which rooms you’d like to enable, like the nursery, children’s playroom, etc.

With this feature, you can see who is at your door before answering it. The system promotes home safety since you can speak to a stranger ringing your doorbell, without having to open up. Having a camera displayed on the outside of your home will also act as a deterrent for potential intruders.

Reason #3: The Voice Control Feature

Busy doing the laundry, cooking in the kitchen or simply relaxing on the couch? With this feature, you can get things done while using the voice command system. No need to use the touchscreen, remote or mobile app if you’re at home. Wireless intercoms easily integrate into other smart home features, so you can control things like lighting, temperature, and shading with a simple voice command.

Reason #4: Wireless Intercom System is Perfect for Entertaining

Hosting friends and family can be hectic. When it’s time to get drinks served and dinner on the table with a full house, it can be like herding cats. However, with a wireless intercom system, you can calmly let everyone in the home know, “dinner is served” without lifting a finger. It’s a new spin on ringing the dinner bell.

Create the perfect ambiance in your home with the audio system that’s fully controlled by your wireless intercom system. Turn down the music for dinner, play music in certain rooms and lower outdoor music, it’s all possible with a wireless intercom. It truly makes entertaining more enjoyable.

Reason #5: Smart Intercom System is Powered by the Control4 App

If it’s created by Control4, then you know you’re using a state-of-the-art, user-friendly app. You can utilize the same features in your home, through the app, even if you’re away. As long as you have 4G or WiFi enabled, you’re set. The app lets you answer the door remotely — so you can have peace of mind when you’re at work or traveling.

This app comes in handy for letting workers, such as your housekeeper, nanny, swimming pool services or handymen, into your home.  

“The Control4 App turns your iOS or Android mobile devices into the ultimate smart home command center” – Control4 App Website

Reason #6: Wireless Intercom Ensures Privacy

Some homeowners may have privacy concerns about the intercom system, and nobody likes the “Big Brother” feeling of being watched over.

“Is the wireless intercom recording our conversations and storing them somewhere?”

The answer is no.

Data is actually stored within your home network and not shared outside of it. You won’t have to worry about data being stored through the Internet or on a cloud.

A wireless intercom system for your smart home is just another way to add convenience and functionality to your home while increasing property value. Enjoy your home the way it should be – with smart home automation’s wireless intercom system.

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